Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good News All Around

Good News Nap times are starting to become lovely again. Kyra doesn't always nap, only about half the time. But thanks to advice of Jennifer's, I've let her play quietly in her bed. She doesn't have to sit there in silence, hoping maybe she'll bore herself to sleep because, well, that just wasn't working one bit. What she does have to do is stay in bed and play quietly with the 30 or so stuffed animals she thinks she must sleep with (yes, total exaggeration). Some days she falls asleep, others she entertains herself for 2 hours while I can still read my books. We're both much happier. It's quite nice.

Good News I bought 2 new bra's while on va-cay in the the Bible Belt. Lately I've been noticing how loose they've gotten. I popped into the local Victoria's Secret, tried on a few more... I've lost some inches around my chest! (not to confuse this with my "chest" chest, but my chest. You know, where the band lies.) Could this mean my mornings at the gym are paying off?

Good News Kyra is no longer screaming bloody murder as we pull into the gym parking lot. She occasionally states "No, mommy" but that's it. That's the end of her protest. I've come to realize that if she can carry her Baby (or Bear or Otter) in with her she is one happy camper. The nursery people tell me she never lets go of her death grip, but she's happy and that's all that matters.

Good News Jer and I are buying a spanking new car when he comes home. I've got a healthy lump of cash in savings (that was going to be spent on college- screw them anyway) that we've decided would be quite a nice down payment on a second vehicle. Any suggestions?

Good News I found one bottle of Tylenol high on a top shelf, in a closet, far out of Kyra's reach. The second bottle is still MIA. At least now I know I'm not completely incompetent with this child raising business. Also, thanks Jennifer for your encouraging comment. Your right, children are resourceful and will find their own trouble. Kyra's not any different, no matter how hard I try to keep trouble out of her tiny little hands.

Good News Kyra is defiantly one of the cutest children to ever grace this world and she's mine, all mine!


  1. I'm glad to hear that nap times are getting better. That sounds like a great compromise. I can't wait until Aeralyn is old enough to make that deal with too.

    That's awesome that your time at the gym seems to be payig off. Jeremy won't know what to think when he gets home! Well, he'll know what to think I'm sure...but we won't need to know what those thoughts are because I'm sure they won't be suitable for all audiences =) And that's great that Kyra has gotten the hang of staying in the daycare for you.

    If I were buying a new car, I would buy a GMC Acadia. I want one of those sooooooooo BAD! As soon as I can get Aeralyn weaned, get back to work, pay off some bills, pigs fly...I'm getting one of those! A black one.

    I didn't get to leave a comment on your last post about the tylenol, but I'm glad that she may have only gotten into one bottle. We can't be perfect all the time, and toddlers are notorious for finding every way to get into something they are not supposed to. ((((HUGS))) You're definitely one of the best moms I know. And I mean that too.

    Of course she is one of the cutest kids ever! Thanks for including my munchkin in that list too. =) And thank you for the birthday card!

  2. Glad to be of service, and you're right. She is darn cute. As for new cars, I haven't the faintest idea.

  3. yay for naps and new cars and getting to work out in peace (even tho i'm going to be very jealous when i show up in a couple weeks and i'm all 8-months-preggo-fat and you're super-skinny!). i'm also glad to hear that she didn't ingest all that tylenol, and i agree she is a cutie (i think i can safely say my whole family thinks so too)!

  4. For cars I would say A toyota Yaris....that is what I have. Yes I know it is not a SUV but since you only have one child it is great. Oh yeah it gets 48-45 miles per gallon!!! And they are sooooo cute! Not as cute as Kyra but close!