Wednesday, September 05, 2007

He's In So Much Trouble

...With blonds that is.

I asked Jeremy (on MSN chat) if he wanted me to dye my hair. This was our conversation:
Me: So, do you want me to dye my hair platinum blond or what?
Him: No, I do not. I like you hair the way it is.
Me: Just checking... one $12 bottle of peroxide would do the trick.
Him: You are too smart and mouthy for a blond, it just wouldn't work.
Me: Is that right? (wheels are turning to post this a.s.a.p.)
Him: Yeah, most blonds can't spell peroxide.

We move along to talk about something he wants to do when coming home from deployment only to lead back into blond talk:
Him: So I was wondering if I can go somewhere in November...
Me: Um... that depends. Are Kyra and I invited?
Him: Maybe, but it is an all guys event.
Me: Watching naked blond strippers?
Him: Why would I spend money to watch a dumb blond when I have the hottest brunette know to man?

The funny part of this is most of his family is blond. Himself and Kyra included... all though they are a dirty blond color. Maybe he's speaking of only the bleach blond variety?

Any way, the question I pose to all of you blonds (real or fake) is could you spell peroxide before you read this conversation?


  1. yes, i could ... i'm a copy editor at heart, lol.
    (and i hope Sean finds the internet over there so i can talk to him too ... calling is evidently very expensive from there)

  2. I could also, but I'm not naturally blond.

  3. I'm a natural dirty blond dyed to brunette. And yes, I could spell peroxide before I read this post. Tell him I said bring it on!

  4. Peroxide. P-E-R-um. But then, I don't know that I've qualified as a blonde for a while now. Last time I asked somebody, they called me a redhead.

  5. Can't comment on this because I am a hot brunette too. But of course I could spell it. and alicia PLEASE do not dye your hair. Like Jeremy said you are too smart for that!