Monday, August 27, 2007

Nap Time Question

Is 23 months of age too early to give up a nap entirely?

Kyra has not wanted to take a nap for a solid week and a half. I have made her lay in bed for up to 3 hours before she finally falls asleep.

I don't believe she's ready to give up a nap because on no-nap days she is an absolute bear by the time supper rolls around (promptly at or before 5). But this whole fighting her for 2 and 3 hours to take a nap is killing me.

I'm drowning here.

I think she needs a nap. Hell, I need her to take a nap. That is MY 2 hours a day of piece and quiet, to stroll outside in my rocking chair and read my book in the easy New England afternoon breeze.

She was a no nap infant who didn't embrace the power of sleeping while the sun was up until she was nearly 1. Now that she's nearly 2, we're having the same technical difficulties.

Got advice? Anyone? What about your Mama, does she have anything?

I miss my books.


  1. I can't help ya with the napping thing. My little one sometimes decides she's not napping either. Those days are the worst. Absolute terror, crankypants.

    My neices all napped through the day until they were 4-5 or so. Since I don't speak to their respective mothers now, I don't know what they did and how they got it to work.

    But! My own plan is to keep a bottle of bourbon handy. ;)

  2. Um... question. Is the bourbon for you or the little one? Just checking, wondering which scenario works out better is all.

  3. Well, I don't have any good news here because according to Holly, Aaron gave up naps at 18 months old. I don't know what to tell you since Aeralyn is the amazing sleepless wonder. Good luck!

  4. All I can say is at age 23 (years) I still need a nap most days. But my boss tends to frown upon me sleeping at work, so I have to go without :(

  5. I did the same thing when I was her age. My mom says that after weeks of fruitless engagements, we finally came to the compromise that I would stay in my room and play quietly for two hours. If I did that, I was not required to sleep. And more often then not, I dozed off. Make sure she understands that if she's not going to take a nap, she has to be nice to you later in the afternoon.

    I've seen bourbon mentioned above. Wouldn't recommend that, but most doctors don't object to a little children's Robitussin or Benadryl as a sleep encourager.