Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of An Era

The scene: evening shower, mom and daughter, toy ducky and submarine floating in bottom of tub

The mood: light, playful

What was said and done:
Kyra: Mummy pee-pee wash (attempting to wash "the area")
Mommy: Yes baby. Mommy will wash it though. (turns the opposite direction)
Kyra: Mummy boo-boo. Kisses. *muah* (kisses Mommy's hinny)
Mommy: What are you doing?!
Kyra: Doin? (big grin)
Mommy: Baby, those are stretch marks, not boo-boos. (scarred for life- and not by stretch marks alone)

Lesson Learned: the era of Mommy/Kyra showers have come to an abrupt end


  1. thanks for the laugh ... i needed it