Friday, August 24, 2007

How to Make a Broke Camera Work

Step 1- Fiddle with it yourself. Push the power button multiple times over a series of 2 days while also jiggling, shaking and banging said camera on the counter.

Step 2- Give it to toddler as a play toy. Toddler with eventually drop said camera.

Step 3- Toddler brings camera to you just before going to bed. Camera has been restored to full working order.
Kyra's Baby has been a constant in her arms for the last 3 days now. She attempted to ride her tricycle with baby to the park. She apparently forgot she still hasn't mastered the foot pedals yet, much less holding on with no hands.
We left without the bike. Notice the choke hold Kyra has on Baby?
Always a sign of a good mother.
This is Kyra's new trick. She thinks she's a monkey.
While performing her new trick, she frequently stepped on Baby's head.
A good mother indeed.
Poor Baby.


  1. i will never get over how cute she is!!!!

  2. adorable and tech saavy ... can't beat that, lol!

  3. YAY! I'm glad the camera is working again. Let's hope Kyra works on her mothering skills before she decides to have children of her own LOL! =)