Thursday, August 23, 2007

Entertain Us

1) I've been thoroughly enjoying the song Rockstar by Nickelback since I first heard it. I have no idea why, just seems to be a catchy tune that sticks in my head. Yesterday I saw the video for the first time and now I'm obsessed. Maybe it's all the cameo appearances, maybe it's still the catchy tune. Either way, I'm loving it right now and so is Kyra. If I had Joelle here to record it, I'd post a video for you guys to see. She has a few new dance skills.

2) Did you see Hef's Girlfriends in the video? My mom has me addicted to watching thier TV show "The Girls Next Door". My mom is cool like that.

3) I've been a nice mommy. (my mom says Jer and I are mean because we don't let Kyra watch TV all that often) We've been watching "Clifford's Puppy Days" every morning in my bed for the past week as I hope to get an extra half hour of shut eye.

You see, Kyra has started waking up at the ass-crack of dawn again. While in the Sunshine State I became quite used to her sleeping in until 8. Now, I'm extremely lucky to find my eyes still shut at 6:40. I tried to be on top of these early risings last night and went to bed at 11. My body on the other hand decided to toss and turn until sometime after midnight.

Any advice on how to fix this? Either my going to sleep earlier or Kyra waking up later? It's not that I don't like Clifford, its just that I still don't get an extra half hour of sleep because when Clifford barks Kyra does too or if there is another animal she knows on the show, like today there was a lion, she insistently forces my face toward the screen saying "Lion Mama. See? Lion! Rawwww!"

4) I'm thinking of enrolling Kyra into 4 activities this fall. Three of them are one day a week and the fourth is two days a week. They are all 45 minutes long. Do you think we're taking on too much? I'll even list and describe them for you:
~Level 1 Swim Class- this is the one On Base that I talked about and the only one that's 2 days a week
~Fun with Rhythm and Music- from the description they "reach, jump, wiggle and glide.... exploring dance movements"
~Tumbling Tots- focuses on motor skills and socialization (I'm curious to know where the tumbling is)
~Baby & Me- swim class "using activities and songs" (the city we reside in runs this class and doesn't allow children under 3 to enter any of the level classes)

5) Kyra is thrilled when the mowers come around once a week to maintain the grass. Don't tell Jeremy, but I think she's crushing on a few of them.


  1. I LOVE THAT SONG!! thank you for adding the video in there....i can't wait to go watch.....oh and I love the girls next door. I don't like Kendra to much but the others are okay. I wish I could help you with the sleeping thing but i don't know anything about that. And with the a teacher it is a great idea to have her enrolled in different classes. You might want to start with 2 or 3 and then work your way up each year. This will help her get use to go to school. As for the T.V. there are some REALLY REALLY GREAT programs out there and Clifford is one of them. Hope she has fun in her classes

  2. Love the song, haven't seen the show, you definitely don't want any sleep advice from me because I obviously have no clue, and the activities sound like a great idea. They all sound like alot of fun and more like guided free-play than actual "classes". Good luck!