Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are You Sick of Seeing Kyra Yet?

Good. I think you're going to get a break for a bit. I think Kyra broke my digital camera yesterday. Do you think she's tired of me taking pictures of her sleeping?Or maybe she's done posing for stupid pictures with messages?
Or maybe she's not fond of my archiving photos of her making funny faces?

Regardless, I'm pretty sure my digital camera is broken and unless I can get Kyra to drop it the same way again to fix it, I think need a new one. I have this one, but I'm not always fond of it. The lag time of pushing the button and it actually taking the picture sucks something awful. For Mother's Day my sister and I got my mom this camera, which is awesome, but I don't have that kind of money at the moment.

I need something that is simple to use, as I am a technological idiot, something that will resist a toddler's little hands dropping it as well as a husband who likes to make electronics go awry.

Now I need your advice and impute. What kind of camera(s) do you guys use and what are your likes and dislikes about it.


  1. I use this camera, and I love it, but it is over $200.

    Personally, I'm a fan of Kodak. Most of their cameras are very user-friendly. Their cheapest camera on the website is about $80.

  2. Oh no! I would be so upset if my camera got broken. I have the Olympus Stylus 8.0, and I really don't have anything bad to day about it. It's a great camera, takes great pictures, it's pretty fast, and the number one thing I LOVE about it is none of my pictures ever have any red eye. As far as point and shoot camera's go, I think it's pretty great. The only negative is when your out in the sun, you absolutely can not see the LCD display. I don't know if that is common with other cameras, but it's a problem with that one.
    I hope you find a solution soon because I don't think I could survive for long without pictures of Kyra!!!