Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Trip to the Dealership

Wanna know what's fun? Driving around a shiny new '08 Chevy Impala that I'm not paying for is fun.

In fact, it's so much fun, it's got me thinking that maybe I should go out and buy myself a shiny new '08 something-er-other. Think Jeremy might get angry if he comes home from deployment we have not one vehicle, but two?

Oh, and I get to drive the shiny new '08 Chevy Impala until they fix my gas guzzling SUV. A simple one hour job (at the most) has turned into, We're sorry Mrs. Lady Whose Kid is Becoming Incredibly Antsy and Has That Look of Destruction in Her Eyes Because She Has Been Trapped in a Dealership Waiting Area for 2 Hours and Rachel Ray on the TV Isn't Doing It For Her, we don't currently have a door handle in stock so rather then putting the door back together we're going to rent a car for you because we feel bad that we're lazy and you only have this one vehicle and your husband is on deployment and you have steam coming from your ears.

They humorous part of all this is the Ford dealership is currently renting me a Chevy. Ha!

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