Thursday, August 30, 2007

Education- Denied

I'm quite discouraged. I went to the local college to sign up for a last minute class that had one opening left only to be told I don't qualify because Anatomy and Physiology with a Lab needs a prerequisite of a Biology.

I have had a biology class, 7 years ago when I was fresh out of high school. What I didn't have is a Biology with Lab, which apparently is required but not stated anywhere in the "sign me up for this" book of available courses.

Don't they know I was there, with money in hand? All they had to say is "Sure, we'll gladly take your money in exchange of having you enhance your education!"

Sadly, no. I still have my wad of money and will not be enhancing my education for another few semesters.

Damn colleges and their trickery.

Wonder what I could spend that wad of money? A shiny new car, maybe? Any suggestions of what kind of car?


  1. car? i was thinking shoes! lol

  2. What kind of car can you get for the same price as one college course? A 95 Buick like mine, probably.

    Here's an idea. Save it for a babysitter and a weekend at a bed and breakfast when Jeremy gets back.

  3. You need to use that money to buy a plane ticket so that you can join us all tomorrow at Aeralyn's 1st birthday party!