Sunday, September 02, 2007

Questioning My Parenting Ability- Reason #182

I think Kyra self medicated herself for her nap today. She slept 4 hours. She normally sleeps 2, when she sleeps at all lately.

After hour 4 I woke her up. She was reluctant to open her eyes, instead choosing to roll over, tuck her hand under her cheek and close her eyes again. It took some persuasion but she finally got out of bed.

Strait from bed we paid a visit to the potty where I found this:

"What is that?" you ask? Why it's Infant Tylenol cold medicine. I know I had 2 small bottles of it here in the house, neither of which I can currently find.

My only thought is that maybe she tossed the bottles in the toilet before I got her ready for a nap, as she was playing in the bathroom with her bath toys (or so I thought). I didn't bother to check when I put her on the potty before her nap. She did her business, flushed, washed her hands and off to bed where she fell asleep rather quickly.

This is yet another example where I wonder if having an offspring was one of my smartest moves. Ya, I'm feeling pretty lousy today. This is defiantly one step back at my strive for the coveted Mother of the Year award.

The positive of this 4 hour nap? Kyra didn't have an accident in her bed. Go Kyra, Go Kyra!


  1. oh, no ... i'm glad she's okay. and congrats on her staying dry!

  2. She's still breathing, isn't she? No harm done other than a really long nap, right? When I was her age, I cleaned off a bush of poison berries, and mom had to break out the epicac. KIDS DO DUMB THINGS, and two-year-olds are amazingly resourceful. It's not always the mother's fault.