Saturday, September 01, 2007

A "What the..?" Kind of Day

Today Kyra has managed to have her first "accident" in two weeks in the middle of Jo-Ann Fabrics, with me daring to venture out for the first time since potty training with out an extra set of clothes. She wondered around the store with only a fresh pair of panties I keep in my purse and her t-shirt, as everything else was soaked- socks and shoes included.

Before leaving the store we went back to the potty to be sure we could make it home without incident. Kyra was playing and fell in and soaked her shirt. We left the store with Kyra wearing only panties.

Upon coming home a girl friend who is making a dress for Kyra that actually fits took her measurements. According to the pattern, her chest, belly and waist are a size 1/2 while her length is a 2. Can anyone tell me what size a 1/2 is? The sizes given were 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4. Does that mean Kyra is as big around as a 6 month old and as tall as a 2 year old? That just seems weird.

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  1. goodness ... good thing Jeremy wasn't there. i'm sure he would've loved the whole naked child in public bit, since i know how he is about her always needing clothes. i feel for ya, but i had to giggle just a little. only a couple more weeks and we'll be home and i can start down the potty-training route with Rachel!