Thursday, October 09, 2008

Damn, the View From the Top is Slightly Awsome

I had a friend tell me today that she feels guilty asking some people to babysit her child because she feels like one more body may burden the person she's asking. However, she feels no guilt leaving me with 4 small children by myself because she has no doubt I can successfully handle things.

I take this as a seriously high compliment.

But then, that gets me thinking. Why the hell does she think I can handle a small army of munchkins and not let them pulverize me? Is it because I have no fear of disciplining a child- mine or otherwise? Or maybe because my only secret when watching one child or 10 is to let the kid know what's going to come next and what I expect of them?

I'm not certain why my friend has such faith in me but it made me feel special today. Like I am actually good at something. Like, even though I have no idea what it is, I have something special in me that makes people trust me with their off spring- their most prized possessions.

So, now that my head is chalk full of hot air, I think I may stand up on my pedestal for a little while longer and admire the view from above. That is, until I inevitably make another mistake, miss a crucial incident, and inevitably screw up my child for the long run. Maybe then the hot air will slowly drain from my big head.

1 comment:

  1. We don't call you the baby wisperer for nothing. I do trust you with my most prized possession because I know that whether you are disciplining or playing, you are always doing it with her best interest in mind. You are very attentive to your child and her needs (whether she appreciates it in that moment or not), and I know that you will take great care of mine the same way.