Friday, October 17, 2008

Things I Have Not Blogged About, but Could Have...

For Kyra's birthday, Jer and I really wanted to get her a pair of roller skates. The old school kind, not the inline kind, but we never found them so she didn't get them. Until last weekend. I spotted a nearly new pair at Goodwill for an incredibly cheap price. Jer took her out first thing after we got home- and video taped her very first fall about three feet from our front door.

And twenty feet later, he took a picture of her crying after her second fall, because he's a sweet Daddy like that.

They managed to make it all the way to the mailbox and back without any other instances. However, she has yet to agree to put her skates back on.

Kyra gets to pick two animals to sleep with every night. Three out of five nights Horsey is one of her picks. And three out of five nights we find Horsey smothering Kyra while she sleeps. Jer and I have yet to stop finding this amusing so I have tons of pictures resembling this one I took the other night.

Kyra is finally all into her babies. They used to be used as a crutch for her. Kind of like a protective blanket for any new situations. Now, babies not only eat at the table with us- in their own booster seat- but they must be swaddled at all times. She claims their cold, even when its 86 degrees outside. She's gonna make a fine big sister to Lydia.

And this, ya'll, was the cutest damned thing last week. We went on some touristy boat cruise and ended up sitting directly in front of the loud speaker. For the first bit of the ride, every time the captain came on to yap about whatever we were supposed to look at, Kyra covered Jeremy's ears and made him cover hers because "the microphone is too loud." I swear, I could have just melted into a puddle of this bit of cuteness!

She's all into playing "picnic" lately. She spreads one of her babies' receiving blankets out on the floor and orders either Jeremy or myself to come eat at her picnic. She serves the same food for every picnic- your options to drink are either pretend sweet tea or hot water and to dine on we have invisible soup and plastic food.
Notice how baby is in the "booster seat"? That little catch on the back has been hooked on our dining room chairs for a week now. Every time we sit down to eat- so does one of her 7 babies.

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