Monday, September 17, 2007

Time For Catching Up

~Kyra's well baby check up went much better then I had expected. She has shot up like a weed and measures in at 34.25 inches and is in the 70%. Her weight has improved and she's managed to gain a few pounds to weigh 25 pounds even, which is in the 30% range. Much better then the 10% she dropped to 6 months ago.

~My first CCD class went, um, okay. I was severely under prepared, but it turned out to be alright in the end. It was the first day, no one cried and told me how horrible of a teacher I am, and they all colored pictures to adorn the room. Next week I will, hopefully, be more prepared.

~My house is in shambles, again. While I still haven't marked off everything on my list, I have at least made some progress. But I'm sure its the laws of physics or something that every time I cross of one project, three more I've already accomplished is back on the list. What the hell is that about? I used to keep a house so clean one could eat off my floors. Since Kyra graced us with her presence, all that has been thrown to the curb.

~What would you guys think of me if I told you my guilty pleasure on TV lately is Bret Michael's show Rock of Love? What else might you think of me if I told you Kyra and I were both up watching it in my bed between the hours of 1 and 2 in this morning? Do you think less of me and my taste in mindless television? I mean, come on... since summer rolled around it's been slim pickin's. Thank goodness Gray's Anatomy starts next week.

It does start next week, right?


  1. it better because I am tired of watching reruns and I have been watching Rock of love too.....I am proud of you that no one left crying. That is a good sign!

  2. glad to hear Kyra's growing ... you're still a better housekeeper than myself (not that i currently have a house to keep) ... and your taste in tv has very lttle to do with how much i think of you. btw, my guilty pleasures of beauty and the geek and top model both start this week (and i'm upset that i have to miss them while driving back to ct). can't wait to see you guys on friday tho!