Tuesday, March 13, 2007

18 Months

Kyra is 18 months today. *sniff sniff*

First of all, who told her she was allowed to grow up? Seriously, it wasn't me people. I have told her since the day she was born to take as long as she'd like to grow up. Much to my dismay, she has her own strong will and hard head and refuses to listen to me.

She could stand strait legged and hold her own weight by 4 weeks. She rolled over at 3 months. Although she didn't crawl until she was 7 months, she did decide two days later to start cruising the furniture. And then at 9 months, she takes off walking.

She has motor skills out the wazoo. I can not seem to slow her advancements down. Not that I want her to stop learning and advancing, just quit doing it with such quickness and ease.

Now, as much as she is learning, she still hasn't grown a whole lot. She is still 32 inches and in the 50th percentile for height, but she's lost 2 ounces in weight. Really, 2 ounces! She went from 21lbs 11oz here to 21lbs 9oz today. As far weight goes, she's in the 10th percentile. MOST 12 MONTH OLD BABIES HAVE MORE MEAT ON THEIR BONES THEN SHE DOES! And just so you can get a mental picture of how scrawny she is, you can clearly see and count three ribs.

I was quite convinced there was something wrong with her. She must have a tapeworm or something to explain this. Nope. Instead, it's because of two reasons. 1)she's allergic to dairy, thus gets very little of the fat intake most children her age receive and 2)she is the pickiest eater to ever grace this earth. And when she does eat, it's only in small portions. Her in between meal snacks are usually the same equivalence to her meals. (that is unless she goes through a quick 6 week growth spurt and eats me out of house and home then abruptly stops eating again)

We were sent home with the mission to fatten her up. We are to find ways to get her to eat larger portions for meals. We are to find ways to put "healthy fats" into her diet, such as putting olive oil on her pastas and veggies, finding ways that she'll eat eggs (who knew eggs were fatty?). And in 3 months we are to have another "well baby" check up to see if she has put on the pounds. The whole 3 month check is kinda scary for me. Makes me think this whole skinny thing is serious. They usually don't do another one for 6 months, when she turns 2.

Gracious, she's going to be 2 in six months. A big, fat, whopping 2. Now I see where people tend to forget the crappiness of pregnancy and would do it all over again to have another little baby. I want my little baby back. Just for a minute. Just to cuddle and coo over a few more times.


  1. Wow 18 months!! You're starting to scare me with your talk of advancing so quickly...Aeralyn seems to be going right along with Kyra. I don't think I want her walking at 9 months!!!!

    She really looks so healthy to me, but what do I know? Does she drink the soy milk since she is allergic to dairy? That stuff is gross! Poor thing. Eggs are definitely fatty...but in a good way. They contain alot of the healthy fats that we need each day. And protein. Atleast you aren't resulting to cheesburgers and fries to fatten her up. I know that is what alot of people would do.

    Keep up the good work mama. I know it must be frustrating to be told that your baby is too little for her age. She will grow out of being so picky before too long. And I'm sure that she is extremely active, so she burns off everything she eats anyway! I wouldn't be too worried, but hopefully she will have gained a bit by the time her next checkup rolls around. Good luck!

  2. I might be tempted to feed her cheeseburgers, but she doesn't like hamburger meat and she can't have cheese, so that dashes that idea.
    As far as how scrawny she is, see the dress she's wearing in the picture? Notice the large arm hole and the tiny stick arm poking through. Most children I've ever seen has arms that take up most of the arm hole. Kyra on the other hand, she just looks like I'm dressing her in something too big.

  3. I just think she is a petite girl. But you are right, most children are a bit chubbier at this age. I'm sure she'll start gaining before long. I know there was a little girl in my class when I worked at the daycare...she was 2 years old, weighed 19 pounds and wore size 4 diapers. She ate normally, but she was just petite. I think we all come in all shapes and sizes, but that's just my 2 cents.

  4. WARNING: Someone who obviously has ZERO experience with children is about to leave a comment:

    That is so strange that she doesn't like hamburger meat! I thought little kids ate everything, including crayons and dirt and things like that!

    I warned you...

  5. Leave it to lindsey to say something like that....her kids are going to be eating that stuff. Alicia please stop worrying so much. After working 4 years in a pediatric office, I have seen a lot and I have never, ever heard of a baby not gaining the weight. She is still learing how to eat and what to eat, she WILL gain the weight. My parents had the same problem with me....and look at me now! It took awhile but things always work out!!
    What are her favorite food, maybe we can come up with something else to give the fattyness to her. We had to do this with my brother....he is allergic to hundreds of things!