Sunday, March 11, 2007


Razul is Kyra's baby babble version of Rachel, her BFF.

Today Kyra has been obsessed with Rachel, from the time she woke up this morning until we put her to bed.

Kyra, we gotta go to church.
Kyra: Razul? (trying with all her might to get the front door open)
Me: Yes, Rachel will be at church too. Come on. Out the garage door.
Kyra: Razul? (picking up her pace to the other door)
Jeremy: Yes, the garage door will lead you to Rachel.

The front door obsession with Rachel continued after we got back from church until we put her down for her nap.

After Kyra's nap this afternoon we find a stain on Kyra's bed sheets. (she's had the runs all day, use your imagination to figure out what the stain is from)

Me: Kyra, who stained up your bed?
Kyra: Razul.
Me: Jer, check her PJ's to see if she leaked last night.
Jeremy: Nope, nothing.
Me: Well, there's nothing in her pants that she's wearing right now, and that's what she took her nap in. *looking back to Kyra* How did this get on your sheet?
Kyra: Razul.

Wonderful, she's already telling lies on her best friend, who's no where around the scene of the crime. I thought the lies were still a bit farther in our future...

We get ready to go out to dinner, as my fridge is looking gloomy and baron.

Me: Kyra, ready to go bye-bye?
Kyra: Razul?
No, honey, we're not going to see Rachel, we're going to dinner.
Kyra: Razul? *moving closer to my face, for emphasis I can only assume* Razul?!


  1. Joelle (Rachel's mom)March 12, 2007 9:10 AM

    i swear i didn't brainwash her, altho i can't speak for Rachel (she might have). Rachel has been saying "Key, Key" all morning, if that makes you feel any better.

  2. Aww that is so sweet! She loves her BFF!

  3. LOL that's sooooo adorable!!!!