Saturday, March 10, 2007

Girls Night Out

I'm excited I am headed to Georgia very soon, as Jeremy is going on deployment and I have a summer filled with traveling. I'll be staying at my mother's house so that as I do my traveling she can watch The Babies for me. This way I can avoid having to pay a costly boarding fee.

When CJ heard that I'm coming "home" she had a brilliant idea... Some how a couple of my high school girl friends and myself have scuttled together a very vague plan to all get together for a "girls night out" thing. I. Am. Thrilled!

I haven't seen CJ since my sister's wedding in October. Heather has been absent since she graduated from high school. And Lindsey, well, I remember passing Lindsey in the halls, but I never did "know" her. Wish I had though, seems like an awesome chic!

Ahh.... what fun it will be.

I have never had a girls night out. I've always been more into hanging out with the boys because girls are too bitchy and catty. But these girls, these girls are different. No bitching, except about our own lives, no cattiness, for we are mature (I think) and have nothing to be catty about.


  1. I can't wait either. Lindsey and Heather are the best! Lindsey is a cool, very laid back chic. And you know how awesome Heather is! I wish Gayla could be there! Do you have any suggestions on what you want to do? And what day are you arriving to Georgia? Can't wait!

  2. I just knew you as Gayla's sis - in fact, I recently was told by Mrs. DeVoe that I was pronoucing your name wrong. Ooops...sorry.

    I'm excited about girls night! Now, does anyone know when it is?

  3. Lets all look at Mrs. Devoe to plan this, since she's gonna be the one popping in and out of town. After all, she is a teacher, if she can handle lesson plans I think she should be able to handle our gathering plans.... maybe?