Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What the Hell?

1) Do any of your husbands/significant others use your tooth brush? Am I the only one who thinks this is disgusting? Jer can not grasp the concept of which tooth brush is his. Even though his is blue and mine is pink. This morning, he used mine. Again! For like the 18 time this year! (and it's only February) I am tired of going out and buying new tooth brushes because he "forgets" which one is his. Once his mouth has touched my brush, its dead to me. I can't bring myself to use it again. I know, we swap all kinds of other cooties, but I just can't make myself hold on to a tooth brush of mine that he has used.
2) The weather two days ago was freezing cold. We had 23 degrees for a high. Yesterday and today? We've gotten to 50! Is winter over or just taking a break? According to the weather man this morning, we've only had 5 (or 6?) weeks of winter temperatures. What? Am I living back in Florida again?
3) Have you guys seen this? I found it over at SATGS. I've watched all six. Fantastically creative and funny!
4) Kyra is definitely growing. I though she was, but being that she's still fitting 9-12 month pants, I thought it was my imagination. Nope, she has grown. I took her in to the clinic today for a height and weight check. 21 pounds and 32 inches.


  1. Jody and I share the same toothbrush, but use different tubes of toothpaste.

  2. Toothbrush sharing doesn't bother either of us, but it rarely happens anyway. Mine's green (for the colour of my eyes) and his is blue (his favourite colour). What pisses me off more than anything is when he doesn't replace the toilet paper in the bathroom!! GRRR!!

    Yay for Kyra's growth spurt, beautiful little girl that she is!! How tall are you guys?

  3. Aaron and I have shared a toothbrush in a pinch (i.e.: we went out of town and I forgot my toothbrush and we didn't realize it until way too late to make a trip to the store to get one.) No way could I do it on a daily basis, that is just gross to me too.

    The weather sucks, plain and simple.

    I'll have to watch Mr. Deity tomoroow during nap time...providing there is a nap time.

    Yay for Kyra!! Aeralyn will probably be 20lbs in the next couple of months! I'll bet she's around 17lbs now LOL!

  4. Lindsey- um, eww. But hey, if it works for you guys, more power to ya! What's up with the different tooth paste?

    Erica- I'm 5'1", but I'm hoping another growth spurt will come my way! Jer is 5'9" or 10"?

    Jer does manage to replace the toilet paper when he needs it, but even then he puts the roll on backwards!

    Heather- She's 17 pounds already? Goodness! She just might catch right up to Kyra in the next few weeks or so!

  5. Gabe and I share a Somicare but we have different toothbrush heads. He accidentally uses mine all of the time. It pisses me off.

  6. I know, I know. I never thought I would be someone who would share a toothbrush. But, for some reason, it doesn't bother me.

    And Jody is the one who wants two tubes of toothpaste. My toothpaste is for coffee drinkers, and I guess that he feels he can't use it because he doesn't drink coffee.