Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do Little People Only Have Short Legs?

Because, if I had my computer back, which is currently being fixed because my fantastic husband downloads too much crap and has seemed to crash the entire thing, (but don't tell him I said that because he's a little touchy on that subject and denies doing anything to it. Ha! I know him better then that) then I'd be able to show you guys what it looks like when Kyra wears a size 9-12 month pants that fit, perfectly in length and width, paired with a 9-12 month shirt, that fits in width but is 3 inches too short.

Two months ago, at her 15 month check-up, she was 20 pounds and 31 inches. She has the weight of an average 12 month old, but the height of an average 15 month old. This does nothing for me when trying to properly fit her for any kind of outfit. Sure, it may fit her in length, but then it swallows her whole. Or, if I get something that fits her weight and width, then her tummy or behind is sticking out.

12-18 month pants are too long for her midget legs and just fall off her tiny frame of a waist, 12-18 month shirts are starting to be too short for her long torso and allow her tummy to poke out of some of them. Babies R Us is filled with completely cute and adorable spring and summer outfits in which the top and bottoms come in the same size. See my problem?

Its no secret to me that she gets this from me. My itty bitty legs are so short that petite pants are still too long, and the average shirt, after being washed and dried, tends to crop me at my tummy. I too have a difficult time finding clothes that fit me well and look descent.

So here is my question to you all, do Little People (aka: midgets) only have tiny legs, or tiny everything? And if Little People do have only tiny legs, are you then calling me and Kyra midgets?

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  1. We have some clothing issues in our house too. I'm 5'11 and Kira's Dad is 5'10, so currently at almost 13mths old, she stands 30" tall and weighs 25lbs. Because of her height, we have pant problems, mostly. The size 12-18mth pants are too long and too big around the waist. The 10-12mth sizes are usually fine in length, but snug around the middle. Sometimes we get lucky and find pants that fit perfectly all over, but usually we have to suffer through the big-around-the-waist pants.

    Since it's not winter here yet, I've had no problems with shirts since she's in short sleeves and tanks, but last winter when she was a baby, we ran into many problems were the arm lengths were perfect but the top itself was gigantic and just swimming on her. I can't forsee it being any different THIS winter. :(

    Kira's legs aren't tiny. LOL. She's going to have long legs like I do, which means she's going to have the clothing troubles I do since for some stupid reason, designers don't think some women have long legs and thus don't design pants properly.

    I totally feel for you in this area - really, it makes me want to run out and start designing childrens clothes. Sigh.