Friday, February 23, 2007

Gray's Anatomy, We've Gotta Talk

So you didn't kill Meredith, I give you credit for that. And Heather called it last week that you were gonna do away with Meredith's Mom. I was prepared for that... didn't see the point, but at least she told her daughter after she was dead that she wasn't average. Way to recover you bitter woman.

Um, I don't like where you're going with this whole Izzy, Callie, George thing. Izzy and George are supposed to be best friends. George should have at least asked why Izzy felt the way she did about George. And now Callie and Izzy fighting? This is just getting to be too much.

McSteamy and Addison... I don't think Addison will last the 60 days. She'll make nice with the intern, what's his name?

Oh, and that's another thing, Intern What's His Name needs a better story line if I can't remember him by name.

Does anyone know if that was the season finale? They didn't show a preview for a new episode.


  1. The interns name is Alex. And I think you're right about that too. I think this will be the last new episode for a few weeks. Usually they don't do season finales until later I think....I can't remember when last season's finale was.

    I held it all together last night until the very end with Izzy and Denny. That was touching!

  2. OK-

    So knew that Meredith's Mom was going to die. I am sooo glad that Meridith is okay. Though her scenes were a total waste of time.

    I thought everyone else did a really good job- it was just annoying when they kept going back to the girl I barely remember who kept spotaneously bleeding. I Must have missed something that would have explained why that was happening.

    I think that Alex (he whose name you can't remember) is finally going to get a storyline with Addison now that she vowed no sex for 60 days. Should be interesting especially since she just signed on to do a spin-off of Grey's. Which is a total other story that I am not sure I am very happy with!!!

    I am guessing there won't be new shows for a few weeks but the scene finale isn't usually until May.

    Should be interesting!! Better than the Anna Nicole Smith crap that's for sure!