Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm Gonna Be a Teacher...

CCD classes start this Sunday. I had originally offered to work the nursery. Nursery duty I can handle, they're 4 and under. It's really nothing more then making sure they don't severely injure or kill themselves.

A two days ago the girl running the whole CCD program told me the teacher for 1st grade quit unexpectedly and she doesn't have anyone to fill the spot.

Being a sucker for punishment, I offered to take over the class.

Me. The one who has never taught anything more then a cheerleading routine, is going to take charge of first graders and teach them something of substance.

God help me.

The rest of you, any advice how to wrangle and instill knowledge into a 6 year old?


  1. do ALOT of hands on stuff. Anything with them coloring or cutting. Also read really good books that are interesting and that are repetitive. Have fun!

  2. Couch it in stories and games. Let the kids role play some of the parts. Make sure you vary the routine from lesson to lesson.

    A good method to remember is to start out with something fun that introduces the main idea, then teach the main idea, then get them to think about how they can apply the main idea (arts and crafts works good here). A good curriculum should have suggestions for each of those three segments. And all first graders love bean bags. Let them toss a bean bag around while they memorize things. It helps.

    Most important, remember that rowdy days do not mean that you are a bad teacher. It just means that they are kids.