Monday, September 10, 2007

All Aboard the Lazy Train Express

These have been on my "To-Do" list for 2 weeks now and have yet to be acomplished.

-clean the bathrooms top to bottom: toilets (check), sinks (check), mirrors, tubs, shower curtains, floors, all minor corner detailing
-baseboards: run damp cloth along lip to clean off the dust
-fans and light fixtures: major dusting
-dust everything in every room of the house.
-Kyra's room: make some sense out of the chaos
-buy and then use touch up paint to hide all of Jeremy's nail holes in the walls that I have spackled over (or, well, I will spackle them over when I quit typing here)

I'm tired of looking around and seeing that these things are not done, yet I have no wanting, will, or desire to get them done. Anyone have a motivating factor to help me check these off?

What about you, do you have any chores still on your "to-do" lists? Come on, let me know I'm not alone here on the lazy train.


  1. When I have a long list of things to do, I allow myself to space them out and assign one or two (small) specific tasks to each day. I find that if I just look at a list, I feel like I have to get everything done at once, but if my chores are parceled out in an orderly manner (e.g. one bathroom this afternoon + today's dishes, everything becomes much more manageable.

    As for things left on my to do list, I had so many projects I was going to do this summer. My yard is in shambles, my curtains are pieces of cloth held up with thumb tacks, my table is in desperate need of a new coat of finish (not going to happen now), and my bathtub is full of dog hair (Max has fleas). And those are just the big projects. You should see the pile of dishes in my sink. :)

    Don't worry. You'll get all the important stuff done eventually.

  2. um, the quilt i planned to make this summer for Rachel's bed ... just barely got it started. and i bought the fabric in february. on the other hand, i have finished numerous good books this summer ... lol.

  3. I officially got off the lazy train over the weekend and did a monstrous spring clean. Of course, it's not completed yet but we're over halfway done. LOL. :D

    But no, you're far from alone, my friend. Up until this past weekend, I lived on that train.

    ps: Also we've pushed back the potty training a week since our realtors are doing an inspection this week... and I don't have any carpet cleaner yet. :\

  4. Laundry is the one chore that I really hate doing. I have a pile of laundry permanently planted on my couch. I just throw more clothes on top after I take them out of the dryer. I would rather iron my outfit every morning than to fold the clothes after they have dried.

    Thankfully Jody seems to enjoy doing laundry, so he picks up my slack.