Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The New Face of Disappointment

I've been going to the gym since August 1st.

August 14th I had my measurements taken.

Today they were repeated to see the progress I've made loosing both inches and body fat. My results were:
  • 1/2 inch around my triceps-gained
  • 1 inch around my chest-lost
  • 1/2 inch around my ass-lost
  • 1/2 inch around my calf- gained
  • body fat index- increased by 1.25%
  • all other measurements remained exactly.the.same.

The advice given? Get off the weight machines and get on a cardio machine for 45 minutes every time I work out. Seriously, cardio. I hate cardio unless I'm walking or dancing. My current member ship doesn't allow me to join any of the aerobic dance classes and as for fast walking on the treadmill? Oh no, no, no... I'm supposed to do the elliptical or stair stepper. For 45 minutes.

The longest I've lasted on an elliptical machine was all of 10 minutes. As for the stair stepper? I tried it once, per the trainer's request when we first had our run through (even after I informed her I have weak ankles and easily roll them walking down a perfectly level surface) and I rolled my ankle and it was sore for over a week.

I am beyond disappointed with my results. I guess it's a good thing I'm signing up for a Cardio Blast class that the town Recreation Department cleverly threw in for the mommies dropping off children for Tumbling Tots.

Until that kicks in and makes my thighs stop juggling so much, do you have any pick me up ideas?


  1. Don't put so much emphasis on the numbers. Do you feel better? Well, I should ask if you felt better BEFORE the measurements were taken.

  2. I agree with Lindsey, but I also know that that is much easier said than done. THe Cardio Blast class sounds like...well, like as blast! I know, I'm cheesy, but I'm trying to make you feel better. The solution is for you to move to GA, right down the street from me. Then we can get together several times a week to dance and make up dances. Then one day, we can be coreagraphers for UCA. And we'll have rocking bods to boot. Sounds great, no?

  3. here's a pick-me-up for you .... you're tiny compared to me! you don't need to lose anything cause you're gorgeous just the way you are! love ya's and can't wait to get back in less than two weeks!!

  4. I love doing cardio more than weight training, myself. (Yeah I'm weird, I know) Do you have an iPod or something similar that you can put on and blast music while you're doing it? I find that helps 400% and keeps boredom and tedium away.

  5. i feel yah...i hate cardio. I am very PROUD of you!!! Keep up the great work!! You are what is keeping me going to the gym. every time I read about you going it gives me hope that one day I may be NEAR (because i will never be) you size!

  6. Walk outside the gym. I hate gym atmospheres, and so I get my cardio wrestling Max down the side of the street. Find a safe, scenic place where you can walk fast. And in the winter, get a dvd and dance in your living room.