Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amazing Lyida Things

Amazing Things are happening here with Lydia that I haven't even mentioned with all my moaning and groaning about how this deployment is soooo. haaaard. and life is soooo. suckyyyy.  Good things are happening, almost daily as of late.

Amazing Thing #1:  Lydia has been approved to return back to The Big League with her doctor that WALKS ON MOTHERFUCKING WATER.  I never did anything with the old referral to a "local GI".  I let it laps and expire.  At Lydia's 4 year check up I asked about getting a new referral.  The pediatrician, typing away at the computer, already, questioned back, "She was being seen by The Big League, right?"  And that was that.  The next day, the referral office called to say the referral had been accepted and to expect the paperwork in the mail.  Hot damn!

Amazing Thing #2:  Lydia is now swimming, ice skating and attending her Sunday School-ish class with out problem.  No screams, cries, tantrums or otherwise being thrown.  The ice skating she achieved in early December, Sunday School success was achieved mid December and swimming was mastered last week, three classes ago.  She is now a pint sized, functioning member of society.  Perfect timing, as we are now halfway through this deployment.

I hope. 

Amazing Thing #3:  I have made MULTIPLE things with Lactaid (in our house, referred to as Kyra's milk) without any proceeding issues.  Lydia has had hot chocolate, twice, tacos, once, and potato soup once.  The extra special FUCK YEA! was the potato soup also contained a large amount of cheddar cheese. 

Lemme tell you something, I held my breath with each and every new thing, waiting for some sign of reflux, a red, burning rash or complaints of a stomach ache.  Nothing.  Nothing happened.  I didn't even tell her I was testing her until the final meal of tacos when she questioned why I was putting cheese on hers. 

This week there has been a sudden calming trend when planning meals.  I actually said to a friend last week, "I think she's going to be okay."  I have never had that thought before.  Never.  But it's true, I think she's going to be okay.  I think she's going to grow out of some of her food issues, if not all of them.  Celiac Disease suddenly doesn't seem so looming and overwhelming now that I know I can take one item off her list of Can't Have's

Amazing Thing #4:  Lydia was evaluated by a speech therapist today.  She is absolutely a candidate for speech therapy.  Which makes me happy that I am not crazy and she does talk funny.

This summer, before Jeremy left, I found myself more and more translating a lot of what Lydia was saying to him.  And not just to Jeremy, but to everyone.  Kyra and I were her personal 24/7 translators.  Sometimes Kyra was translating for me.  Sometimes, neither Kyra nor myself can figure out what in the world Lydia is trying to say. 

Once a week, Lydia will now have speech therapy.  My beautiful child, who took 18 months to say Uh-Oh, Bye-Bye and Cop Car, who today will not. stop. talking... EVER, will at least start learning to speak clearly for all to understand.  I'm sure this will only encourage her to talk more often than her already non-stop chatter.

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  1. YAY for good things! I can't believe it was so easy to get your Big League referral. I'm excited for you that she's adjusting to social settings. Sounds like at least Lydia is finding her "deployment rhythm," even if you're still struggling. That hopefully makes things a bit easier on you.