Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

It's almost like the Government my husband works for IS AGAINST US.

We picked our new port (after they took our first choice away from us) based on the fact that it's half the driving distance to Lydia's new pediatric GI.  The same GI that WALKS ON MOTHERFUCKING WATER in my eyes.

Today I took Lydia to her new pediatrician to get all our ducks in a row for our upcoming GI appointment in a few weeks.  There, I was told TriCare won't grant a referral because, at this base, there are three other GI's closer to us.  Regardless that we've been driving 3 and 4 hours to see her last two set of specialists.  Regardless that while 2 hours away may be farther than an hour, ITS STILL CLOSER THEN 4.


That matters not to TriCare.  Probably because they're going to start supplying the transportation for that treacherous hour long drive instead of the two hours we'd have to endure on our own should we continue to see THOU WHO WALKS ON MOTHERFUCKING WATER.

At least, if Tri-Care were the one's driving, I might be able to understand.  Or not.

Things we did manage to accomplish, a referral to a nutritionist and enrollment for Lydia in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).  Which means, TriCare will not send us to the doctors who know their shit, but they will help me figure out what and how to feed my kid.... and then tell my husband where he can and can not go for future job opportunities!


It's not a terrible thing, actually.  I'm just REALLY upset that they're taking away our doctor because of stupid locational reasoning.  Shouldn't we be allowed to choose who is the best fit for us?  I mean, I can understand if we haven't seen a GI specialist at all, but the fact that we've seen three, THREE GI SPECIALIST, and finally have a great thing going~~ and still, location, Location, LOCATION!

We're not buying a house, we're seeing a doctor, for Pete's sake!

Two steps forward, three steps back.  'Tis the way of this military life.


  1. son of a gun! that sucks ... on the upside though, at least she saw the good gi long enough to finally have a firm diagnosis to work forward from. kinda funny that NOW they want to enroll her and teach you how to feed her, as though you haven't been keeping her alive and as though you didn't already figure out all her problems with little help from the doctors!

    1. Even the new Pedi sounded frustrated with the situation, it's one she's battled with other patients who would greatly benefit from that particular hospital. She tried to write the referral to get us one follow up visit before we're kicked to the curb, but essentially told me not to hold my breath.

      And I think teaching me how to feed her and enrolling her in EFMP are happening now because we're at a REAL base and not a pretend one. :) She was utterly surprised I had no idea what she meant when asking how we're doing with these programs and received a firm, "Uhhhhh....?" as a response!

      And you makes me really proud of myself that I can keep my kid fed and alive without too much medical help! Thanks for noticing!

  2. Maybe I've got the headlines on my brain, but this kind of makes me wonder why the rest of the country wants this kind of healthcare. (I know. I know. I'm oversimplifying.) It seems to me that if you're willing to make the drive, they should be willing to let you go there. BUT it's all in God's hands. And I had the same thought that Joelle had: maybe you could teach these people a thing or two about feeding Lydia. :)

    1. I had that thought, too, briefly. But then I remember, we pay nothing for her visits, now. If we REALLY wanted that particular hospital, we have the option of TriCare Standard and we'd get it... while paying some out of pocket like the rest of America. And believe me, it's crossed our minds!

      Essentially, we did get one more visit. At that time we'll ask for opinions of switching to another GI, if there's any inclination that we'd be better off staying where we are, we'll just have to switch insurance options. As much as I hate to say it, I think we're at least a bit on the lucky side to even have that option. But, ya, if I'm willing to drive... Ugh! :)