Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back On Line!

Oh, Sweet Jesus, how thou art the best for making it possible for the creator of this beautiful internet to flourish.

The funny thing is, I didn't even miss the internet...  Until we finally got it turned on today.  I've spent both nap time, and now bed time, bringing myself up to date on all things blog related.  Who knew I'd miss reading about other people's mundane until I had the chance to play catch-up?

A few things to make note of during our whole nightmare moving experience.
  • Jeremy and his crack team of helpers managed to scratch, scrape or flaw every piece of wood furniture we own.  This must be the reason he's in the Navy and not moving the Navy personnel.
  • Kyra's been waking up in coughing fits every morning for the better part of the last week and a half.  It only took me until three days ago to try her inhaler on her, and can you imagine?, the coughing stops!  Looks like I need to see if we can get a referral to an allergist, as if the runny nose and watery eyes shouldn't have been clue enough. 
  • The washer has decided to up and stop working for us.  Both a friend of ours (an incredible handy-guy) and Jeremy have tried for hours to figure out what's wrong with the thing.  Maytag says the error code we're receiving isn't possible because it's not in their listing for error codes...  The appliance repair people in town estimate it'll cost us many hundreds of dollars to fix because, of course it's our luck, Maytag doesn't even make this machine anymore because it's crap and never lasts long and parts are (you guessed it!) hard to come by.  The appliance people were impressed we've managed to squeeze six years of use out of the machine.  A new washer AND dryer are on their way, Thursday.
  • The girls begged for and received new bunk beds out of the move.  They were delivered by one crew last Wednesday, sans hardware.  They were put together by another crew last Thursday.  Kyra cut her foot Thursday night on a stray staple sticking out of the ladder.  Friday we noticed many things missing, incorrect and just not right with the damned beds.  Monday, the ladder was stripped of all it's screws and rendered unusable.

    Within one week, the bed is broken.

    Tuesday we demanded something be done about the situation.  Friday a whole new bed was delivered.  The third crew to come out and fix the situation said that only half the hardware required to put the bed together wasn't used... the other half they did use was bungled beyond means.  Here's hoping we get more then a week's use out of the new set of beds.  

And, to add a note of good news to this post.
  • Lydia's New GI called to say she does, in fact, have Celiac's Disease.  The new set of scope results came back normal and where there used to be nearly fully formed what-nots in her stomach and lower intestine back in October, are no longer there.  (So Jer says.  He got to speak to the doctor and he seems to be lacking in a lot of the detailed questions I would have asked.) 

    Either way, her system, on a gluten free diet, is finally, finally, starting to heal.  And in 6 months, they want us to start trying her on some of the trouble foods again.  Slowly.  And one by one.  It's everyone's hope that with enough healing she'll start to tolerate more and more instead of continuing to add to her list of no-no's. 

    No word on the reflux test results.  Those were expected to take another week. Hopefully, that, too, will come back normal and we can take her off all medicines.  

Now that I'm back in the land of the InterWeb, here's hoping I'll keep posting on a regular basis, again.  Life, even with it's stumbling blocks, is going well.  Really well.


  1. Yay for getting back the Internet!! ;-) Glad to hear you got the beds replaced! I'm excited for Lydia to finally (finally!) have a firm diagnosis ... I so hope the healing helps eliminate her sensitivities, too!

    1. You and I both, girl! Can you IMAGINE what I could cook with a little more latitude? Oh, the possibilities....