Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chugging Along

Oh, what a good night of sleep can do for one's soul.  Not to mention a phone call to Personal Property.

Apparently, the paperwork submitted from Atlas to PP said they were to pack us the 21st/22nd and put it all on the truck the 23rd.  Atlas, instead, called us last week to change the dates to packing the 23rd, trucking it the 24th, then called us yesterday to say they probably won't be able to come today, but they'll call us back to confirm (which never happened), AND THEEEEN emailed today to say, mmmmmm... We changed our minds to the 6th of June.

The Navy?  Was never notified.  And thought we'd have an empty house to clean today.

Jer and I decided to say, fuck it, we're moving ourselves.  The point of having the Navy moving us is the low stress factor.  This move, however, has been anything but low stress.

Today, kind friends of friends offered moving boxes and we've been packing for 8 hours strait.  We're almost done, almost out of boxes and also almost dead.

Tomorrow we'll drive to the Toxic Crap Hole to pick up the keys to the new house, leave my car there and drive back home in Jer's truck.  This is an absolute must - have to - thanks holiday weekend! - no one works for THREE.DAYS.STRAIT.

Saturday Jer will pick up the moving truck, hope some friends show up (single sailors, never trust 'em.  Especially early on a Saturday morning) and load the truck.  Then we'll drive back to the Toxic Crap Hole to unload, Jer in the moving truck, the girls, dogs and I in our truck.

I'm hoping we can finish the last bits of packing tomorrow night when we get home from our first round trip excursion.  But, like I said, we're almost out of boxes.  And time.  And I've decided NOT to care because we have the important stuff packed away and that's all that matters.  Jer has to come back to the Arctic Tundra to work next week and clean the house before handing over the keys-- he can grab what we missed, then.

I hope.

It's not the move I envisioned.  And not one I'd like to repeat.  Lets face it, I like it when other people are paid to move me.  When they're a decent company, anyway.

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  1. glad to hear a good night's sleep helped! hope it all goes smoothly!!