Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cop Car

Lydia's speech is delayed.  Back in May she had an evaluation that placed her verbal skills at a 9 month old level and her motor skills at a 2 year old level.

The lady gave us some tips to get her to do something besides screaming and drooling, since, essentially, that's all she was doing.  So while we were in The Land of the CornHusker, my girl friend and I worked and worked and worked with her to say simple sounds like LA LA, BUH BUH, UH-OH and so on.  We came home with Lydia chanting things like Lalalala! at that top of her lungs along with a few other new babbles.

Now, with all this work I've put into getting Lydia to do something other then scream at me, we've managed to move her word count up from 2, Mama and Dada, to 11, Baybay (baby), Bye bye, Uh-oh,  Ow, PaPa, Nanee, Neigh (horse), Meow (cat) and now, Ca Caw (cop car).

Yes, cop car.

My dear, lovely husband, the same man who taught Kyra to say SQUIRREL when I tried for weeks just to get her to say CUP, has taught Lydia to say cop car.  Apparently, because teaching her something useful like APPLE, MILK, PUPPIES or even KYRA is beyond him.


  1. that is hilarious! i'm sure it'll come in handy when you're speeding, right? lol

  2. I think your husband may be training his lookout. If he starts dressing her in all black and taking her out with him after dark, I would start to worry if I were you....

    "Dada! Uh-oh ca caw"