Friday, August 13, 2010

Mostly A Reason For My Grandmother to See Pictures of the Girls

I'd like to show you something that is nothing short of a miracle.
That there.... would be my kid SLEEPING.  Because, apparently, we can not feed Lydia a diet made of primarily solid foods without the aid of Zantac.  May God forever bless the makers of Zantac.

In other news, the slave drivers of this house hold are getting along BEAUTIFULLY.  It's so nice that Lydia is finally getting old enough to enjoy Kyra's company.  Kyra has always tried to play with Lydia, from the very beginning, and now she's thrilled to have her very own playmate.
Our days in the Arctic Tundra have been beautiful lately.  Absolutely beautiful.  The girls play nonstop outside between lunch and naps, driving their Gator around while collecting apples, berries and flowers. 
Sometimes I wonder if living in the country, in a scattered neighborhood with no small children, was the right decision for us.  Especially since we're going to homeschool. 
But then I know that they wouldn't be able to play outside so freely.  Scouting and picking fruit right in their very own yard.  There's something to be said about nature.
Seems to me, most days Mother Nature can teach you a whole lot of more important things in life then living in a crowded city.

A sleeping baby.  Two GREAT kids who get along with each other.  Except for this damned insomnia I've got going on, life is good.

I guess life has to throw SOMETHING in there for me to bitch about.

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