Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Flat Land, No Trees and Farming Fields as Far as the Eye Can See

Just over a year ago was the last time I strapped Kyra into her car seat and wheeled her through the airport as we made our way to the Land of the CornHuskers.
This year we'll add Lydia and Jeremy to our caravan.

We leave this evening. However, my brain has had me up since the early dawn hours thinking about stupid things like logistics.

I even woke up with the confirmation I've been trying to narrow down about how I, on the way home in a few weeks, by myself with both the girls (Jer is going home before us girls), am going to manage both girls and our luggage through the airport. This is what I've come up with...

We're going to bring both girls Britax car seats and I have the Gogo Kidz Travelmate attachment for each seat. So, my plan is: I'll strap both the girls in their seats, put my back pack on with my cameras and a change of clothes for Kyra, put the diaper bag over my shoulder/across my chest (think messenger bag style), have Kyra hold her own carry on bag (we put it in her lap as she held it last year) and VOILA! I have two free hands to do things like lug both girls from one end of the airport to the other. And, even better, I also have two hands to use while I need to fish the tickets out of my back pack every three feet that you need to prove you need to be in whatever particular location (baggage check, security check, water fountain break, gate check, bathroom break, boarding)

Hopefully though, I'm crossing my fingers that on this trip the security people don't feel the need to physically pat down and search Kyra again. Last year, as we were in the airport to come home, they security x-ray machine wasn't big enough to scan Kyra's car seat.... so they patted it down by hand (okay, I can understand that), ran a wand over it (because we want to be thorough, right?), check it for explosive residue (because, you know, some days I just might feel the need to strap my kid to a bomb that's strategically hidden in her car seat), and then had Krya assume the position while they patted her down (because, you know, they apparently didn't find the bomb like material they were looking for in the car seat MAYBE I've instead chosen to attach the device to my child...?) Mind you, she was in a skirt and tank top. WHAT would we be hiding on a 2 year old wearing a skirt and tank top?

Anyway. Lets just say that I'm hoping for a better security experience this time around. Otherwise, I can't wait for this evening to come around.

Land of the CornHuskers, here I come. And I'm even bringing fresh meat this trip! Time to break in Jeremy and Lydia to the ways of flat land, no trees and farming fields as far as the eye can see.

Internet readers, I'll update you when I can. Toodles!


  1. Have fun!! I hope you and the, I mean kids, have a safe trip!

  2. Have a great trip! I so hate secruity with little guys. They show no mercy when I flew by myself with Payton an Isabella two secruity guards held my two screaming children while they patted me down, only to find my belt buckle was not in compliance! It was ridculous. But at least Jer will be with you on the way there have a great time.