Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Month Gone By

Dearest Lydia,

Once upon a time you screamed. A lot. Even when you were sleeping, you'd still moan, wiggle and let out an uncomfortable wail on a quite frequent basis.

As it turns out you have some intestinal, slash, digestive, slash, the docs aren't sure what's exactly wrong with you because all allergy tests came back negative issues. We've narrowed down a few things your belly will not tolerate, corn, dairy and soy, a probiotic (which really threw the allergist through a loop), but there are other things that still bother your stomach and your father and I are having a hard time figuring out exactly what we're doing wrong. These foods interfere with your poop and from time to time this poop makes your tiny hiney look like we sat you down in a pot of acid and gave you 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I'm sure it hurts something fierce but I'm not sure exactly what do with you.

You had your 9 month check up today, and everything seems fine. The doctor gave Daddy and I the same basic talk about how you may grow out of this around the age of 2. Try to not give you the offending foods. There's not much he can do. You're fine on formula don't worry about it now.

I did all I could not to shove the doctor's pen right down his throat as he apparently didn't hear or sense the urgentness in my voice that I'd like you to be seen by a pediatric gastrointestinal doctor. He relented, agreed to put in the referral, and then explained to us that there is only one such doctor in our area and thanks to that they are selective upon who they see. Even with a referral, you may not get the help I think you need. And that scares Mommy just a bit.

It's not that I think you have a life threatening illness or anything. I'm thinking more of long term here. The last thing I want to do for the next 15+ months is to continue to "test" random foods by shoving them down your throat and watching and waiting to see if your ass starts to bleed again. It's just not my idea of fun and I don't think you'd appreciate the gesture either.

My dream scenario would be to have you seen by someone, ANYONE at this point, who can tell me what we are feeding you that is so heinous to your system, thus making it so that, in 3 months, when your first birthday comes around you, too, can graduate from formula milk to something that doesn't cost $26 for a 16 ounce can. I'd like you to be able to eat and drink things made more by God and less by Similac.

You see my point, don't you?

At least the days of screaming have all but left us. Today you sleep well and, for the most part, you sleep peacefully. That is until you hear an ant crawling on your window or someone dropping a dollar bill two houses down. You are a very light sleeper is my point. But, at least you sleep without the screaming now. You're much cuter for it, too.
Happy 9 month birthday Lydie Kate. I hope this next month turns over a few more stones for you and your continued peaceful sleep.

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