Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Raining: Day 3


Three days of rain really stinks.

I mean, sure, day 1 wasn't so bad when all we did was skip church in lieu of hanging around the house in our PJs all day and cleaning.

Day 2 was full of ALL TV ALL DAY which, if you remember, drives me batty when Kyra is being babysat by the television for more then an hour or so of a Disney movie.

Day 3, today, Kyra and I took a nice 3+ hour play date over a friend's house which seemed to let Kyra run off enough energy that she is currently taking a nap without the aid of threats, but when she wakes up... I've got nothing but a movie in mind to entertain her and keep her from being under my feet while I cook supper. I mean, I could let her help me make supper, which she will claim she wants to do, but lately her idea of "helping" is stirring the pot or bowl of whatever with such force that nothing stays in the pot or bowl but is now spread about whatever corner of the kitchen she's working in- and then maybe I could put in a movie to get some cleaning done.

Lydia has taken these rainy days in stride. With being locked in the house all day she's taught herself how to climb the stairs. And, man, is she good. She can shoot up to the landing with lightning speed, swing around the hand rail and start up the second half before we notice she's no longer downstairs.

I have successfully taught her to NOT go near the stairs when she's on the second floor but when we're on the first floor she seems to think the phrase "No, Ma'am" doesn't apply to her. She climbs up without any reservation and then when we fetch her and bring her back down she has this happy little smile to accompany her outstretched arms. It's almost as if she's saying "Hey, thanks for helping me back down so I can do it again RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU this time!"

At least tomorrow the rain is supposed to take a pause. It'll still be cloudy, breezy and in the 50's, but there will be no rain. I'm thinking it might be high time to start raking the leaves so Krya can wear herself out jumping in the piles and Lydia can see how many she can shove into her mouth before I figure out what she's chomping on.

Any one wanna bring a rake and join me?

**For supper I served baked sweet potato with a glob of butter, sprinkle of cinnamon and a few extra miniature marshmallows for an added MY MOMMY IS THE BEST smile. (no, I'm not below bribery when it comes to the simple things with my kids) That's almost a full meal, isn't it?

During supper clean up I currently have Kyra watching Wheel of Fortune, which she calls her ABC show. Its a fitting name being that I used this show frequently to babysit Kyra when I was pregnant with Lydia so I could take (almost) nightly baths to soak my ever swelling body. I ought'a call the producers of the show and thank them for teaching Kyra her alphabet.

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  1. Temps in the 50s!? That's like our winter! I would join you, but I don't even know if I own a rake. Or if I could carry one on a plane.