Sunday, September 27, 2009

Have You Seen This Video?

Because I have. It was actually sent to me via an email with a message of detest concerning teaching such a song to school children. It was at the point after I watched the video where my jaw finally came unhinged and fell to the floor. Not because of all the political crap people are trowing back and forth, but more because of the fact that some people JUST. DON'T. GET. IT.

And this is just my personal opinion, mind you, so lets not freak out on me. Mmmm 'kay?

These two songs... ARE HISTORY LESSONS!!!! There is no agenda to warp the cute children's minds!

Follow me.

Song #1, over and over again the children sing "And he said" bla-didee-blah. They are recounting the promises Obama has made leading up to (and probably during) his presidency.

Song #2, the children are praising him for trying to do good things for this country and achieving the title of 1st Black President and encouraging the kids to be #1. They are HONORING him- exact word they use people, HONOR not PRAISE not WORSHIP not BOW DOWN AND KISS THE MAN'S DIRTY, STINKY AND SWEATY FEET but honor.

THATS IT! That's all they're singing about.

How do I come to the conclusion that it's a history lesson? Well, lets see now. I did spend the vast majority of my college years studying to be an Elementary school teacher and during this learning experience, I gained the simple, basic knowledge that children are excellent at learning and retaining information if it is displaying in a song-like version as opposed to reading it in a book or having it verbally expressed to you in a lecture format.

In my humble, totally non political, opinion is that these songs were meant to be nothing more then a history lesson. The first one teaching the kids that Hey, this is what this guys said and promised. Lets not forget that and let us not have him forget that. The second song seems (to me) to be more of a Hey, dude, YOU'RE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, AWESOME JOB! Oh, and by the way, thanks for trying to go about making things an equal playing field for ALL of us Americans, regardless of color. We appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Oh, and encouraging us to be #1 and get our education on? Kuddos. So far, you're not a complete jack ass. Hurray!

I could be wrong. These very well could be the first seeds that the communist are invading the country via our school systems and we should really return to the McCarthyism Era and hold inquests to question exactly what kind of socialistic crap those underpaid, understaffed, under appreciated teachers are trying to shove into our children's minds and not to mention the fact that OH MY WORD THERE REALLY ARE ALIENS AND UFO'S STATIONED AT AREA 51!!!

But I'm still going with my theory of this being more a history now kind of lesson. One in which the children will remember the words from these songs and use that to look back on- at the end of Obama's presidency- and see if he lived up to what "he said". Right now they sing Hurray!, in 4-8 years they may be singing Yo! Jackass! You's a liar and a fuck up! What happened to you? Only time will tell.


  1. I heard about this but didn't see the video until now. I can't even understand what they're saying, but I think this country just needs to take a chill pill.

  2. It took me about 4 replays to finally figure out the words to the songs. A mass group of little children singing with only slight unison proves to be a bit difficult to decipher. But I agree. A chill pill is indeed necessary for some people.