Friday, September 25, 2009

What's on the Menu Again?

Kyra was a a baby who ate EVERYTHING. She has now turned into a child who still sticks EVERYTHING in her mouth. I was told that by the age of two she'd grow out of this lovely habit. Mmmm... not so much.
Lydia has taken up the tradition of eating EVERYTHING. I'm not sure if Kyra whispered into Lydia's ear one night that this particular habit drives Mommy bonkers and it is a really fun game or if she whispered in Lydia's ear that she has already worn Mommy down enough that no matter what they shove in their mouths Mommy has learned to roll her eyes, pick up the camera and take pictures before she takes the object away.
At least during the fall season it's likely we'll have bags of apples laying around from our weekend visit to the orchard and not everything the kids put into their mouths is bad for them. I hope. Because that apple was SOOOO not washed.


  1. Your 4 year old is NOT the only one that does this! Austin has been and still is the same way, and it drives me up the friggin walllll!!!!
    And what cute pics you posted!!! :)


  2. She's adorable. Biting things is normal.. K does it...

    PS: I can't comment on the above post. Thinking that may be on purpose! LOL! ;)

  3. Elizabeth will be 10 in a month and she still puts things in her mouth! augh! On our trip from CT to CA it was late at night and I had given the kids glow sticks for fun. Well about 2 hours later everyone was asleep except for Elizabeth and she starts making this grunting/ahhhh sound. The grunt was because she was trying to get our attention, the ahh, because she wouldn't swallow or closer her mouth...she had absent mindedly chewed off the end glow stick. Eddie and I were laughing because her whole mouth was glowing, she on the other hand was upset because she thought she was going to die from the chemicals.

  4. Stimulates the immune system. We're going gleaning this weekend, and I'm sure Boo Boo willeat lots of dirt with her apples.