Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day of Semi-Suckiness

First of all, it really sucks ass when you're walking in the rain with your two children while wearing your glasses because you felt the need to take your contacts out this morning and your feet are sloshing in water even though you're wearing shoes. All the things wrong with that sentence:

1) it's fucking raining. Again. You'd think we lived in Florida or something with the four days of rain here, two days of partly sunny!/BRING ON THE SUNSCREEN! there, kind of weather we've been having for 2 months now.

2) trying to QUICKLY haul 2 children when it's raining is like an oxymoron, or something. The baby suddenly wants to sit up instead of sit still while being strapped into the stroller and the preschooler thinks the words MOVE QUICKLY means RUN CIRCLES AROUND THE STROLLER LIKE A CRAZED MANIAC!

3) it's really hard to make sure there are no stray cars driven by idiots trying to randomly run you and your children over when you can't see through the your rain spotted glasses.

4) what a really sucky time to find out the soles of your shoes are cracked and thus letting water soak your feet from the bottom up. There is no where to remedy this when you're in Barnes and Noble for story time.

And secondly, this better be a different mouse then earlier this month. I think it is because it appears a smidge smaller. I said before that if another one came into the house I would KILL it, but Kyra was watching. Again. And this time she wanted to feed him! She shared her strawberry with it.
I think we ought to tell the landlord that IF we had a CAT we might not have MICE!


  1. I deleted my first comment because it was the wrong account...

    Why were you walking in the rain? And that mouse is so adorable! I can say that because I'm hundreds of miles away from it. If it were in my house, it would be dead. But in that picture, he's so cute eating that big 'ol strawberry!

  2. I was walking in the rain because Barnes and Noble doesn't opperate in my living room, therefore I had to travel from my home to their store via my car, thus I had to transport my children into the store because they refuse to hold story time in my Ford Fusion for reasons I don't quite understand. Something about not enough space?

    Does that answer your question?

  3. OMG he's gorgeous. I love mice. In Kira's first few months we had one that enjoyed hopping around her room (and on her), according to the baby monitor we had.

    You live near woods, don't you? That's most likely why. It's very weird though that the mouse would stay still long enough for you to take a photo of it, and feed it. American mice must be more social than ours haha!

    But there is no need to kill it. You can probably buy a humane trap for it (we had to make ours because we can't buy them in shops) or make one up. It's a small box with a trap door, mouse goes in to nibble food, door drops down and encloses mouse inside, you transport mouse a few miles away and release.

    Really though, since the intro of our two cats (and our landlord said no all three times we asked, but I'm a rebel and got them anyway) we've had no mice at all.

  4. Social? This mouse PLAYED DEAD when I used the cast iron lid to fling him into the cast iron pot. I have never seen a mouse play dead before. Strange...

  5. Damn dude, your mouse is awesome. It has POWERS. It can be controlled to do your bidding! HARNESS THIS!!

  6. Actually, mice can carry a virus that is dangerous to people. It's called Vunt's virus or something like that. Adorable or not, you need to get them out of your house. (I had pet mice as a child. I know how cute they are. But they really are vermin.)