Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend Festivities

Since the last time I wrote we have:

Bought Kyra a Slip 'N Slide that she doesn't understand how to use. She starts out on the grass, runs two feet onto the slip 'n slide, plops down and demands to be pushed.
And if you push her too hard and she ends up over the stopping point and face first into the grass, she'll stand up and glare at her mother who is steadily taking pictures instead of yelling at her father who is pushing her so hard.
And when she realizes that no one is going to help her take out her father, she plays in the spray with Mouse and Froggy instead. Lydia, during the whole slip 'n slide episode, happily played in her exersaucer.
And the babies played happily too, until it was time for their bath. Bishop and Cricket were none too amused.
And while the snails were happily climbing the apple tree, once a little girl noticed them, this snail was happily exploring her arm.
Lydia was not all that excited when we told her she could neither have escargot for the first time
or the made from scratch blueberry muffins Kyra and I whipped up together the next morning. Lydia decided if we weren't going to feed her, then she'd just go ahead and eat her hand. Or, really, she's sucking on her fingers in hopes there's a few drops of smeared milk left under her nails.
What Lydia REALLY wasn't too thrilled about was having olive oil smeared over her entire head to combat the beginnings of cradle cap. (we didn't have any baby oil and if fancy spas can use olive oil for a moisturizer, then so can we)
When the olive oil adventure was over with, she buried her head under her toy and cried herself to sleep.
Yesterday was TRULY exciting for Kyra because she had her first riding lesson! Kyra can now steer a horse all by herself.
The saddle she rode with yesterday was too big, but her riding coach says next week she'll dig out her wee little bitty saddle so Kyra can actually use the stirrups.
And Kyra's riding coach was so nice, she even gave us a kitten! Which when we finally got a hold of our landlord, no matter how much we begged, said he hates cats and we can't keep her.
Jeremy took her back to the barn she came from last night where, today, with the rest of her brothers and sisters, she is heading to the pet store to be sold. Jeremy has suggested buying the house we're renting (it was for sale before we moved in but since has been taken off the market) and getting the kitten for free! I think that would be a totally wise trade off, don't you think?


  1. Maybe Kyra doesn't know how to use the slip 'n slide correctly because no one showed her how? A *good* mother would have dropped the camera and sprinted full-speed towards the slide and showed her how it's done.

  2. LOL @ Lindsey... and I have to concur. Why weren't you out there getting your ass all wet??

    I think Jeremy is spot on about buying the house. I think you should (totally take financial house-buying advice from some strange Australian sheila) because a kitten just sweetens the deal!!! And the kitten is SO frickin cute.

    Did Kyra keep the snail? My god it's so small and adorable. I remember keeping so many snails in a fishtank but my very mean mother wouldn't let me put a lid on the tank so the snails kept getting out.

    We are still battling cradle cap. So annoying. Olive oil is awesome isn't it?? Nyki hates having her head brushed though and I don't do it as much as I should. I found a sorbolene cream body wash is also really good as it's a moisterizer you can use in the bath too so I use that to wash Nyki's head.

    Ok novel sized comment over.

  3. My nephews got a slip and slide for the oldest ones birthday and didnt know how to use it either. My sister tried to show them but apparently they are not made for adults and she did not slide anywhere, so my dad and brother just throw the boys down it or they walk up and down it until they slip. It is very entertaining for the adults.

  4. i want that kitten please get it back i will drive and pick it up

  5. 1) I'm not hurling my fat ass down a slip n slide. What you may not know is they've cut down the width of these things severely. I clearly remember adults sliding down ours when we were younger.

    2) we did not keep the snail. I don't do slimy in my house. I generally use bleach to erradicate slimy and I don't think the snail would like bleach being sprayed on it's pretty little shell.

    3) you're still dealing with cradle cap? Ugh... we're doing another olive oil application tonight. Hoping this time it does the trick, but it seems to only be growing!

    4)Sorry, cat is probably at the pet store or sold by now. Though, now that I KNOW what will get you to drive here, next kitten that comes my way...

    5) while we LOVE the layout of our house, it needs too much work done on the windows, roof, foundation and electrical. All the big costly things. Probably why the dude couldn't get a fair offer, he was probably asking too much with all that work needing completed, even for a good economy, much less a bad one. And we'll be off shore duty in 3-4 years and I'd rather not be neck deep in a house I can't keep.