Friday, May 01, 2009

Two BIG Events This Week

First of all, I caught a mouse this week. That's right. I. Caught. A mouse. And I put him in a cast iron pot outside under the tree in the front yard.
I was afraid if he escaped he'd end up back inside of our house. And I'd rather give him a chance to live then to just have to murder him in cold blood if he stepped one more paw inside my humble abode.
So Jeremy and Kyra hauled him off a mile and a half down the road where there are fewer houses and more woods. They let him go in the national forest. Now hopefully the snakes and owls will leave him at peace to do whatever mice do. He was rather cute though. Jer asked if we could keep him. If I weren't so worried about disease I might have said yes.

Secondly, Lydia had her ears pierced today. She did better then expected, but still not was well as Kyra, who cried for a nano second and then we stuck a bottle in her mouth and all was right with the world again.
Jer and I expected Lydia to throw a down right screaming fit. Instead she cried for three seconds, refused the bottle we prepared, then stuck her thumb in her mouth and started sucking away. And then we yanked her thumb out of her mouth and stuck the pacifier in, which she didn't seem to mind. Be it the thumb or pacifier, she still gave us dirty looks for the next few minutes until someone walked by us and cooed at her, then she forgot all about her tortured existence and smiled back at the stranger. And us.
But her wiggly self certainly didn't give the piercing lady an easy job. The wiggle worm almost had her cheeked pierced. Now THAT would have hurt.


  1. too cute ... and i'm talking about Lydia, not the mouse. glad your cast iron held him in until Jeremy could dispose of him humanely. :-)

  2. aww..poor thing..with battle marks to prove it. great story and picture for when she is older.

  3. Adorable! Both the kid and the mouse!!

  4. Lydia is precious and so is the mouse. My mother went to use the restroom at the hair salon down the street and found a mouse alive in the toilet. I almost died laughing when she cam out screaming.

  5. That mouse is kinda cute.

    And I am dying over CJ's story!! :D Wish I could have been there!