Sunday, May 03, 2009

Just How Important Are Thumbs Anyway?

I can't stand a child who sucks their thumb. Don't get me wrong, a baby sucking their thumb is just utterly adorable to the point I'd like to pop with ewwy gooey love, but past the age of crawling, it becomes a gross and disgusting habit in my eyes. And for that reason, I try to encourage the pacifier with Lydia versus sucking her sweet little adorable thumb and looking all kinds of super cute while doing so.

I'm not sure whether I should go ahead and embrace the sweetness knowing that this is going to turn out badly for me. I know that one day as I reach down to grab her hand to when she is learning to walk I will be slimmed with her spit covered thumb **grimacing** or have to watch as she dribbles slobber down her hand to her wrist, arm, elbow and finally that long, shiny string that follows as the spit hits the floor **shuddering with disgust**.

Maybe I should just get it over with and cut off her thumb now instead of having to do it later when she's older, and verbal, and able to tell child welfare services that it was I, her mother, who chopped off 2 of her digits to stop a such bad habit.
But, I think she's to the point of out right mocking me.


  1. Thumb sucking in our house isn't an all-the-time thing. Both my girls do it: Nyki it's only when she's tired and wants to go to bed, and Kira used to be just when she was tired but also now when she needs comforting from something. Otherwise, neither one do it.

    Maybe Lydia won't be one of these kids who does it nonstop and you won't have to worry. :)

  2. My sister sucked hers for several years. And I hate to say it, but we made fun of her for it. Her thumb would just automatically go in her mouth at night when she slept. She had a hard time stopping because she had done it for so long.

  3. Hey Lici, Lydia is an adorable baby. I think thunbsucking is cute. Just be glad she doesn't do like Jennifer's daughter. Bobbie does, suck her index finger. I say it is because we took the paci away too early. Enjoy it, she'll only be little for a short time and when she gets older and sees that Kyra don't do it, maybe she will quit on her own.

  4. I was a thumb sucker, I remember wanting to stop and we did the whole band-aidm, then socks, I finally grew out of it but I can't remember what did the trick. Sometimes I think it would be easier than the pacifier but with the pacifer you can just throw it out when they get too old.