Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Glimpse Into Her Future

Yesterday Jer had to shell out big bucks to get me a new cell phone because a few weeks ago I completely ZAPPED mine. I'm not sure how. Used a universal plug in that I have personally witnessed Jeremy use on my phone and while it worked normally for him (as in, it charged my phone) when I tried to use it my phone started vibrating and when I picked it up it was SMOKING HOT and has since refused to turn on anymore.

Anyway, so Jer had to shell out big bucks to get me a new cell phone and while we were waiting for the nice lady to get every thing set up and a ready to use, Kyra was begging to play with my old one. The nice lady decided that instead of playing with MY old phone she'd give Kyra this Palm Treo one as it was a discontinued store model.

All day yesterday, Kyra gave us a glimpse into what's to come of her teenage years-

She's talking:
And still talking:
And then... What? What are you doing?
Seriously, Mom? Hold on a second Mouse and Froggy while I KILL. My. Mother!!!
Now would you PLEASE leave me ALONE?
Sorry 'bout that Mouse and Froggy,
My mom is SO. LAME!
Ahh... Won't she make for a FINE teenager?


  1. these are the times where I am glad I am having a boy

  2. LOL my Kira does this too! All the time! She's got 3 old cellphones, a fisher price thing my mum got her and some other weirdo phone from the dollar store but those are now not good enough. Now she wants the REAL phone to play with.

    Your saving grace being in the US? Free nights/weekends/long distance. We do not have those luxuries here. :(

  3. hahaha ... i can totally see her doing this 11 or 12 years down the road.