Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One Minor Detour Can Lead to Insanity

On our drive home from the Land of the Country Bumpkin I made Jer take a detour for a one day sight seeing excursion. With out any thought put into our day, I set the GPS to take us to Niagara Falls. I didn't even bother to tell Jer where we were going, I just said he was to follow the GPS because we were all in need of a day off. He wasn't the least bit amused by my antics.

He figured out pretty quick when the touristy signs deeming Great Big 'Ol Falls This Way started popping up. And while he STILL wasn't too amused, he started to warm up after we found a hotel to stash the Babies in for a day, demanded Jer to take his cranky ass to the shower and freshen up his attitude a bit, ordered and then fed everyone pizza and then off we were, to see the falls.
We strapped Lydia to my back

Took Kyra by the hand And away we went. First stop, the Cave of winds tour. We were ordered to put on cheap rain coats more so to keep the birds from pooping on our clothes then to keep us dry. This task presented a bit of a problem for Lydia. We didn't want to smother her while she slept (because that would just be mean, I'd rather wait until she's awake so she knows what hit her- I kid! I kid!- most of the time... **ahem, cough cough**) We flipped her around to my front, tore a hole in the neck of the poncho, and created a poorly constructed, makeshift contraption to keep us both free from bird poop.
When we were finished with that, we took a leisurely walk around the falls, enjoying the beauty of the sites. And then Jer spotted this:
To which he started to question why a ground hog would want to make his home on the side of the cliff beside the deadly waterfall. I'm not sure why he feels it necessary to ask me such questions. It's not like the ground rodent and I are communicating telepathically and I can relay questions and answers back and forth. So I just shrugged my shoulders and informed Jer that the cute, disease ridden, over sized chipmunk made his home on the side of the falls to give the tourists and unexpected site other then the usual rushing of water.

I thought it was a brilliant answer.

Next it was the Maid of the Mist, which we found out while eating pizza and watching the News at Noon, it was their first day open of the season. What luck for us... we had no idea it would even be closed!

Once again, we all donned ponchos. Jer tied both Kyra's and my hat to our face with a hole so small we could hardly see what was going on around us.
Lydia decided that was the exact moment she wanted to eat. So, again we flipped the carrier to my chest, tore a hole in the poncho popped a bottle in her mouth. Some how this led to the Korean Marathon Team who was on board with us sporting Boston Marathon 2009 jackets, to start posing for pictures. And not just any old pictures, oh, no. They stood next to me, cheek to cheek, peace fingers waving towards the camera. I made sure to smile pretty in case any of those pics turned up in print or on the internet, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what in the hell they were so excited over.

And just like Jer, he only took a picture of me feeding Lydia. It didn't occur to him to take pictures of the Koreans posing with me.
After the boat took off for our stint, Kyra found it quite difficult to find stable footing with the rocking of the boat. And then, once we hit our destination, under the falls, the mist was just too much for both Kyra and Lydia. Kyra climbed best she could into her tiny blue poncho while I tried in vain to close the hole we had tore to give Lydia a place to breathe. In all the excitement of keeping Lydia dry, I didn't notice when one of the Korean marathon men came over to help Jeremy shelter his three girls. I looked up to see who was blocking out the sun and spray only to find a gentlemen standing shoulder to shoulder with Jer, smiling wildly at me and then back to his buddies who were half way across the deck.

When all the craziness was said and done, Kyra, Lydia and myself all pulled our heads out of the ponchos to greet our new friends. And pose for more pictures. At least this time I told Jer to take a damned picture so I can have a single piece of photographic evidence of our crazy ride.
So if you see pictures of Lydia and myself posing with random foreign men and women sporting jackets with Korean Marathon Team, Boston Marathon 2009, give me a heads up. I'd like to know what in the world was so exciting they they all wanted a snapshot.


  1. maybe they thought you were asian too and they needed to save their countrywomen...i might not be the only one that looks asian!

  2. Wow, that's weird. Maybe they wanted a picture of a woman with a baby sticking out of her chest.

  3. hmm, maybe you look like somebody famous to them?
    glad you had fun!

  4. When I was little (about Lydia's size), my parents took me to Buschart Gardens, and a bunch of Japanese tourists wanted their picture with me. Mom says it was because of my blonde hair (what little I had). Maybe you're just so American that they had to have a picture with you.