Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh Holy Hell

The World's Most Perfect Child is actually flawed, and, frankly, I'd like a refund.

This morning started out like every other, at 6:30, one of the kids already awake and, within minutes, they're both bouncing and smiling with happy joy.

Sit Kyra down with a piece of banana bread we made yesterday and a glass of milk. Make Lydia a bottle, sit down to feed it to her. When Lydia is finished, I pop her into her excersaucer to let her play and get a chunk of bread for myself.

Kyra still hasn't touched her breakfast. Well, not true. She has drank most of her milk and has started tearing her bread into tiny pieces. I asked her to eat. She threw her bread on the table in anger. I sent her BACK TO BED because clearly she needed to wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed this time around.

Lydia fusses, I take Lydia and change her bottom, hear Kyra making a fuss as she tosses all her animals off her bed... and then... wait for it.... starts JUMPING on her bed. Which is a huge no-no in this house. She's been caught jumping on the bed many times this past week and we've gone from verbal warnings, to threats, to spankings and now.... We took both Kyra's animals AND bed away.

Okay, not the entire bed. We stopped at the point of taking apart the bed frame.

So she is currently taking a nap on the floor with nothing more then a pillow and light blanket. And that's how she'll sleep for at least the next week.

I know. I'm a mean, mean mommy. But at least she's still alive. Because by the way she's been throwing tantrums and knowingly misbehaving... like I said, she's lucky to be alive.


  1. I might get in trouble for this esp. here in CA, but when Daniel broke his bed by jumping on it, we made him wait almost 2 months before we got a new part for it. So, he slept on a matress on the floor for awhile and when Caleb felt generous in Caleb's bed.

  2. sounds like a fair enough punishment to me ... we're dealing with tantrums and knowingly misbehaving here also, tho i *think* it's more of an attention getter since new baby arrived and i'm *hoping* it tapers off soon!

  3. You go, girl. That's the way it should be.