Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tornado Damage: Take 2

The house was damaged. The tornado dropped a tree on the roof creating a hole, but the in-laws claim it was the tree that kept the roof on the house. Apparently the tornado picked up the roof, sucked out the insulation, then replaced the roof 3 inches off kilter.

It could have been worse. This is what's left of the barn:
No tree fell on it's roof and it's now gone. The front porch roof is probably in or around the same place as the barn roof. There is still the deck part, but no roof. And there is still this bird house:
But no roof. Go figure.

And while the cows are all still in the pasture and accounted for:
Most of the trees and fence line are no longer.
This tree took a significant hit. The train rail (as in the metal part the train rides on) smacked the tree 4 times before it was all said and done with:
And I'm not exactly sure where the handicapped person is that belongs to this walker is located, but if you find them you could tell them their walker is now wrapped around a stop sign:
Jeremy and I swooped into town. Picked up some sticks. Jeremy managed to chop up many century old trees.
Kyra picked flowers.
And then they took a siesta at the end of the trip to do some fishing.
Things could have been worse. This was a house down the road from them:All that's left is the fire place.

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  1. well I am glad everyone is okay and things aren't worse. I hope all continues to go well.