Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Are BACK!

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We got home from our trip to the Land of the Country Bumpkin Friday night and I think I have been exhausted ever since. I'm hoping tonight my bed time might bump up from the 9:30 it's been since we arrived home. If for no other reason, then to make me feel like a grown up again. A bed time two and a half hours after your children's bed times is not my idea of what a grown up is supposed to be like. At least a cool one, anyway.

I'll update you guys in phases this week because, lets face it, two weeks is a LONG time to not blog and my mind is FULL of stuff to share.

Today we'll start with how we rolled into town with a blown cooling hose and a flat tire. Seriously. We LIMPED into my in-law's driveway thanks to the debris.

Some of the debris was probably from this house:
It's a fuzzy picture because Jeremy was busy trying to keep the truck in motion because the wind was the only thing keeping the engine cool at this point.

And while Jeremy was busy honking the horn to get people to move the fuck out of our way so our truck WOULD. NOT. DIE. on us, I snapped this picture:
It used the be a neighborhood. The most populated part of town, in fact. The F-3 tornado started on one side of the town, the rural side, dragged through the most populated part where your neighbor's window is 10 feet away from your own, and finished it's path on the other, rural, side of town. Good time this tornado brought...

Here it not only stole most of this house's roof, but it gave them a brand new space to put a floor to ceiling window. In their bedroom.
And Jeremy is somehow related to these people who wrote: "Katrina! Arkansas takes care of their own!" Bitter much?
And I'm not sure what their going to sell in that yard sale, unless it's all the fresh cut wood, but I'm certain I do not need anything.

And this picture just gets me, a steel building... crumpled. It's steel welded wall braces just twisted like it was tin can.
I mean, the outside walls I expected, they were no better then a tin can, but the steel? Mother nature is something else, that's for sure.
More pictures to come tomorrow. Promise!


  1. Scary impressive fo' sho'.

  2. i am beyond excited ur home ive been stalking ur blog

  3. Wow.
    It's a crying shame people are that bitter during a natural disaster- uhmm, hello! Sad. Sad. Sad.

    Glad your inlaws still have a home. Incredibly sad.

  4. i was starting to wonder if you guys got sucked up by so sorta of secondary twister, last i talked to mom she hadn't heard from you either....kinda started to worry me a little bit i was going to email but i figured you didnt have internet if you hadn't updated any website. glad you guys made it home safely.