Monday, February 02, 2009

Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

Er... um... Hi, Mom!

So, my mother was in town for 10 days to see the girls and babysit while Jer and I took a quick trip to the Artic Tundra of the North to find a new house. While Mom was here, she managed to teach Kyra such things as when she eats her belly gets fat and how to use the word "stupid" in a sentence.


I guess it's no worse then at the dinner table tonight Jeremy used the word "sucks" in a sentence. Kyra immediately began muttering "sucks" over and over to which Jeremy asked in all seriousness, Where in the world did she learn that word from?


Anyhow, with my mother's help (she watched the girls for us again) Jer and I got to have another little movie night! We saw the movie Gran Torino. Totally . Fucking. Awesome. In every way shape and form.

But now my mom has gone. Back to regularly scheduled programming. Like posting super cute pictures of my children:

Lazy Bones Bishop
and Proud Cricket.
Oh, you were expecting the non furry children? Well, because I hate to disappoint here's a quick shot of Kyra and Lydia.
And look here, today at the zoo with 6 girls. Aren't they all damn cute?
You know, supposedly there is a study going on about submariners and the effects working on a sub has on the sex of their off spring. The entire 4 years we've spent on the boat, there are only 4 boys I'm aware born and about 385 girls. Okay, so the girl count has been exaggerated, but the number is significantly higher then 4 boys in 4 years.

Here's a tip, if you want to conceive a male heir, don't do the nasty with a submariner. Your chances will drop dramatically. Radiation is killer to those Y carrying sperm.


  1. well my submariner has yet to give me a girl. hopefully doin' the nasty this time has given us one...b/c damn it! I want one!

    I love seeing the pics, and sadly remember the time your furry kids were just pups...
    man i miss you guys.


  2. Love that last picture! Kyra and Lydia are gorgeous and I am lOVING Becca's piggy tails(her outfit is pretty darn cute, too). Wishing we all lived closer so I could add mine to these photo opts.

    I think my Mom would shoot me if I critized her online! LOL! In fact, I am pretty sure that the only reason she checks my blog to make sure I'm speaking only good things of her!

    Glad you enjoyed your movie.

  3. Linsy- Your husband is one of the few with some determined Y sperm running a muck. Here's hoping you get your girl too!

    Oh, and you can totally come visit us in the Artic Tundra of the North. We'd love to have you guys!

    Lisa- It might be insulting if we didn't tell her already she's both the devil and the queen bitch.