Saturday, January 24, 2009

Everything We Hoped For and Then Some

So. My initial excitement of fitting into a pair of size 10 pants was short lived. Today I tried to squeeze into another pair only to be disappointed when they wouldn't button. Apparently yesterday's pair were a larger version of 10.


In other news, if you were wondering where I was this past week, Jer and I ventured to the Artic Tundra of the North in search of a fancy new place to move into and damn if we didn't hit the the jackpot.

My new home, folks---->

We have upgraded from a 2 bedroom, 1000 square foot apartment in the city to a 5 bedroom, 2500 square foot HOUSE on an acre and a half of land. With only 2 neighbors. On one side of us resides a pair of snow birds (northern folk who travel down to Florida for the winter) and on the other side a vacant house that's soon to go into foreclosure. Our landlord told us he'll eventually buy that house and rent it to Navy people too... which means no neighbors there for a while! Across the street and behind us features woods that goes on for miles and miles and miles and miles and, it's a national forest back there. Faaab-u-louuus. I'm telling you, this location was destined for us.

Now, only to make sure Mother Nature gets on the ball with this whole snowing business. I mean, I like it, it's beautiful and all, just so long as it doesn't snow on days I need to be on the road. Cause let me tell you, Jer was ready to throw me out of the speeding car on Thursday because it was snowing while we were house hunting and I still haven't learned to keep my cool (or at the very least, panic quietly) while sitting in the passenger's seat.

And he thinks I'll get used to it. HA!


  1. it's beautiful ... i'm jealous! (oh, and i think that maybe today's size 10s were just a small version) :-)

  2. That is a gorgeous house! I wish that we could find nice enough housing like that here in the Pacific Northwest that was in a good price range. But...we are in post housing it's all good. I'm still jealous of how much room you're gonna have!

  3. You know, even though you and I have never lived in the same US state, just seeing this picture has made me feel a little bit "homesick". I really hope you'll show us the inside, too! :D

  4. Totally jealous(of the snow, too)!

    Congrats!! Now you need to make more babies to fill those rooms. (totally.. erhmm, partially kidding)!

  5. The house looks great!!! Sounds like a great location too. Kyra will have a ball in the snow! We have a foot of it here and it was down to -29* last night, yes that is 29 below zero!! Give those little girls a hug for me!!