Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Acne and Sweet Feet

Lydia is 4 weeks old today and man-oh-man is she broke out in some serious baby acne. Can someone remind me how long this phase lasts, because between her scratching her face to shreds and now breaking out- I'm not certain how long its going to be until I can take both girls to have their pictures done together.

I look at her face and wonder if I really looked that bad when pregnant with her and my face was pimply and crater like....

Still, even with the acne, I think she's cute as a button!


We have finally found a bottle and nipple combination that is perfect for Lydia! And it's only taken from the time of her birth until this morning...

Background: At the hospital it was determined that Lydia was a dribbler. She has never spit up but boy does she dribble her milk all down her chin. A third to half of what we feed her ends up on her bib. We've changed nipples (wide, narrow, silicon, latex, slow flow, medium flow), changed bottles, changed how we hold her, changed everything we could think of and she still dribbles.

Today, I pulled out the NUK bottle we bought and tried when she was 5 days old. Back then she couldn't make a good latch onto the nipple. She'd hold it half way in her mouth (no matter how far we tried to cram it in) and every suck she'd take would be all over her face.

Now? She's a pro.

She latches, sucks, drinks and- most importantly- doesn't dribble. Not one drop.

We were regularly making her 4 ounce bottles, a good portion of which was waisted on her dribbling all over herself. Today, she hasn't ate more then 3 ounces. And that has only been once. We make her 4 ounces, she'll eat 2. Consistently. It's amazing how much formula that's been waisted. But no more.

Thanks NUK!


Erica had asked a while back how Kyra was with Lydia. The answer to that is simple. She ADORES her little sister. She plays show and tell with all her toys, or Lydia's toys. She's the first one to run in to see why Lydia is whining, crying, fussing, talking, making any slight noise;Kyra is the first on scene to try and remedy the situation.

Kyra occasionally asks to hold Lydia, though not very often. She's asked once to feed her and was finished after 3 seconds of holding the bottle. She likes to read her books or sing her songs, frequently requests that Lydia dance with her and when making every one else a meal with her plastic food, she'll tell Lydia "You can't have any food, Lydia, because you don't have any teeth. But it's okay, Lydia, you'll be okay." I'm sure Lydia is quite reassured by this.

All in all, they couldn't be a better match. And I couldn't be any happier. Kyra doesn't try to smother her, hasn't been jealous, doesn't try to take over or direct the situation with Lydia... She just likes to be present and occasionally involved. And that... That simple gesture makes me very happy.


Now, look at those sweet feet --------->

Don't you just want to tickle them?


  1. yay for no more dribbling!! and those feet are too precious!

  2. She's just gorgeous and I want to nibble on her toes, not so much tickle them.

    Can't help you on the baby acne as Nyki only ever got it a couple of times, just sprinkles here and there and none of it lasted longer than one day.

    So happy to hear Kyra and Lydia are settling in well together. We are at the point now where my Kira doesn't much care for the baby (she's pretty boring at 3.5mths because she can't play or anything) and only gets interested at bath time! lol.