Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Typical Day

My husband-

who came home from work today and took a nap on the love seat even while the baby was screaming bloody murder, left me to not only take care of said child's wet diaper but warm up a bottle while listening to said continue to child scream bloody murder in my ear,

act as if it a mean cruel thing to ask him to get the other child from our bed as she has waken from her nap but isn't fully awake yet (thus grumpiness ensues for 20 minutes) and attempts to get her to lay on the couch with him while he tries to fall back to sleep but gets frustrated with older child who is now WIDE AWAKE can't sit still,

and then
when we all finish watching Oprah and get our asses of the couch and he decides he needs to check his email and talk on the phone for the next 30 minutes while I'm trying to cook dinner, calm the still intermittently screaming baby and keep the older child entertained all at the same time so he can piddle on the computer and talk on the phone in peace-

wonders why, as we sit down to supper, I seem a bit grumpy.

Mind you, nowhere in that rant did the husband exchange in conversation with me before we sat down for supper. Sleeping and email were his priorities.

And somehow when he says with a stupid voice and his childish grin, But I love you...!, I can't help but crack a smile and inform him that I hate him. Too bad I couldn't say that with a poker face, maybe he'd take me more seriously and help me without having to be nagged to death first.

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  1. heh except for your last paragraph, our husbands could be identical twins.