Thursday, November 06, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

HA! I wish.

We're leaving for another vacation tomorrow. In the car, not a plane.

Jeremy is already driving me absolutely insane. I'm not certain we're going to make it all the way to the Sunshine State without threatening to sign divorce papers. (lets face it, in 5 years of marriage we've only managed to make one trip together without our hands at each other's throat)

Mind you, I've done all the packing, double checking, making sure every thing is set and ready to go for tomorrow. And while he's helped, I would hardly say it was willingly. Unless you count loud gasps, sighs and mumbling as he walked away as excitement to help me get the show on the road.

When I told him I was almost finished with the packing, he proceeded to hop on the computer and play video games for the next two and a half hours. And when I jumped on (at 10:30 tonight) he informed me that I don't need to stay on the computer all night, I need to get some sleep.


Mind you, I have one last load of laundry to fold tonight, cords and chargers to find, gather and pack (cell phone, digital camera, etc.) and last minute toiletries to store away. Jer? He's gone to bed.

I really would rather not travel with him in tow. It's much easier to travel just Kyra and myself. Jeremy just throws an overweight monkey wrench into the picture and, frankly, you'd think a grown man would be able to help out just a little bit more with just a little less lip. One day I'm gonna surprise him with a plane ticket to our destination and inform him that Kyra and I will gladly make the drive. Alone.

Seriously, the toddler is more well behaved and helpful then the husband...


  1. I feel your pain on the packing. Whenever we go anyplace that requires an overnight bag (and it's the hubs and I) I am stuck packing everything. The funny part? You'd think being in the Army would prepare him to pack for himself for overnight trips. NO.....only when he's going by himself on some work related crap that he can pack himself up. ugh.

  2. hope you have a safe trip and all make it back in one piece (even Jeremy, lol). drive safe!

  3. Did he know what needed to be done? Sometimes I find that I know what needs to be packed, and Seth doesn't (because he's usually not home for our trips). So he just sort of waits for me to tell him what needs doing.

    Next time, you could try giving him a list, and if something on the list isn't done, then let it go or go without it. Maybe the experience will help him remember to be more helpful. Experience has a way of sorting these things out.