Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Good News/Bad news

The good new: Kyra's ice skating coach raved quite highly about what a natural she is on the ice. (tonight being her second class) The coach asked Jeremy how old she was, when Jer said she just turned three the coach was amazed- she thought Kyra was a "petite 5 year old!"

Apparently Kyra's listening skills and ease at picking up new techniques is well past the norm as her coach proclaimed she hasn't had a 3 year old with the abilities Kyra has shown. Oh, and she also wished she could scoop Kyra up as her own child prodigy.

I think my jaw just might have hit the floor. I mean, I knew Kyra was doing much better then most of the kids in her class, but I had no idea she was doing that well!

The bad news: Jer didn't get the really great, fantastic school with wonderfully set schedule and hours that his detailer said last. week. he was going to put the paperwork in for. Gah!

Apparently he "forgot" that he had already filled the position prior to the conversation he had with Jer last. week. Asshat.

So now we're weighing our options for a recruiting job down in what I like to call Hurricane Alley (the Louisiana/Alabama/Florida border) or another school with shitty rotating hours in the North Eastern part of the country. Both require a major decrease in pay, the school being $100 less per paycheck then the recruiting job, but the recruiting job requires yet another tremendous amount of paperwork that could take up to 8 weeks to get approved. Oh, and the job could very well be filled by the time it's all been submitted and approved. Any one up for a game of Russian Roulette?

Oh, and did I mention Jer and I had set a time limit that we wanted to be up and moved out of our tiny humble abode by February 1st- mere weeks after I give birth the little termite? So we're kinda stressing A LOT! about what our living situation is going to look like come the new year. (and when I say "we're stressing" what I really mean is "I'm stressing" because Jer doesn't stress over this kind of thing. He has a bed on the barge at work if he ever needs one. The children, dogs and myself? He'd just as soon send me to my Grandmother's house- which is a cool place and all- just not where I want to be post baby) I'd like to have all of this where are we going to live business secured BEFORE the baby is born, but when it comes to the Navy- nothing gets done in any kind of timely manner.

Have I ever mentioned to you that the Navy is run by a bunch of fuck ups who probably couldn't hack it in the real world? Lets face it, most of the branch is run by a bunch of men who, I'm very well assuming, stand around scratching their balls talking about the latest sports figures, video games, and/or dirty, slutty, whore they screwed last night instead of doing their actual jobs.

And Jer laughs at me for insisting they need more women in the military... At least the only thing we'd be doing is getting into petty cat fights with one another- but, hey, at least we'd get people to where they needed to be in a timely manner.

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