Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey Ya'll!

We're back. Minus the divorce papers. Yea for us!

Trip went well. Pictures soon to come.

Thought that I'd let you know the weather man is a liar liar pants on fire kind of guy. He totally said this morning that the western half of our state would see snow flurries but we here on the coast would get a whole lot of nothing.


I'd like to just say that as I was bringing the Babies back home from the kennel I totally had snow flurries sticking to my window. It was 12:31 this afternoon, to be exact. I noted the time because I was also noting the temperature at that very moment being 45 degrees.

Too warm for snow, isn't it?

But, apparently not for flurries. Because I saw them. Lasting just long enough to make my heart skip a beat as they were sticking to my windshield and then promptly melting.

Guess even here at the Mason Dixon Line I'll still be worrying about the possibility of snow.

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  1. Welcome back. I keep checking for photos. I know, impatient!